15 Natural Hair Braids Everyone Will Be Wanting This Year!

You may try to find a new way to style your natural hair for a fancy look. There are various ways to do that, but one of the most effective techniques you can employ is natural hair braids.

Most African-American women have densely thick hair and it seems to be hard for them to shape their hair into breathtaking hairstyles. So the answer for a desirable style is braided style. Let’s check out this article to find out the various ways to braid natural hair.

Two Cornrow Braids Natural Hair

Two Cornrow Braids HAIRSYSTEM

If you love styling your natural hair braids, you cannot miss out on the two cornrow braids. This style goes with braid your hair close to the scalp, at the edge and pull the hair back to your face with two statement braids. The latest trend to style 2 cornrow braids natural hair is to wrap your braids asymmetrically around your head. This look will give you a feeling of young and playful. You can wear this look to your school or work to gain much more attention and compliments

Headband Flat Twist Updo

Headband Flat Twist Updo HAIRSYSTEM

This natural hair braids style can go with long or short hair. First, section your hair on 2 sides and twist the frontal parts into Bohemian braid. Headband Flat Twist Updo is easy to do yourself at home without any certain tools or professional help. It is the easiest way to draw people’s focus and notice.

Natural Hair Crochet Braids

Crochet Braids HAIRSYSTEM

Crochet natural hair braids have been so popular in the beauty world recently. Thanks to this unique styling method that causes no harm to your scalp. With an infinite variety of hairstyles, lengths, and shades, every woman can wear crochet braids. We are sure once you try you will fall in love with this style.

Micro Braids On Natural Hair

Micro Braids On Natural Hair HAIRSYSTEM

The locks are so tiny and delicate a style with micro braids. The unique about this style is that it can last for a long time with tight braids on your hair. I can be done in many ways and you may see this braid was employed by many celebrities such as Beyonce, Zoe Kravitz, and others.

French Braid Cornrows on Natural Hair

Braid Cornrows

French Braid is known to lie flat against your head with all of your hair into a plait. Combining with the cornrow style, the plait will become more sophisticated and desirable. Add a side braid that may give you a little more edgy look.

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Box Natural Hair Braids

Box Natural Hair Braids

This seem to be one of the fanciest hairstyles for all lady, which help to embellish the whole appearance. It will work well when going with an eye-catching length. Especially, the hair length over your shoulder is ideal

Twist Braids Natural Hair

Twist Braids

Twisting hair is a hot trend styling method. When it goes with braids, a gorgeous effect will be created. There are many ways to twist and braid. You can style chic or elegant hairstyles for certain occasions. there some tips to do with your twist. The larger your facial structure is, the thicker your twists are going to be. If you are fond of thin twist, let style them into voluminous look rather than freely hanging

Mixed Textures for Braid Styles

Mixed Textures for Braid Style

You can slay your short hairstyle with natural hair braids by combining 2 different styles together. Cornrows style will be placed in the front and the twists braid will be in the back, which adds more interest look. And this style requires no heat styling tools or hair accessories.

Combine with some human hair bulks if you want to have longer hair.

Updo Braid Natural Hairstyle

Updo Braid

The braid with a ponytail is so fascinating a style currently. It is perfect for a party girl. You also can wear them for any festival season. This style is ideal for the sporty girls as well, when you work out, it will keep your hair out of your face. Try it to the gym to draw more attention from guys.

Braids Bun Style

Braids Bun

Braid covers over your head are like a crown of a queen. And when it goes with a low braided bun which comes from two sides into a curved part, your hairstyle will look more elegant and classy. The length of your hair can be added so you still can enjoy it if you have short hair.

Braided with High Twisted Bun

Braided with High Twisted Bun

A high twisted bun is unique and cute anyways. If you love cornrow braid hair, why don’t you try to get an updo style with it? You definitely can get a chic look when wearing it. This style is also ideal for you to apply it to work or school. If you are busy women, it for you because you will not need to spend much time thinking about style it every morning.

Half Individual Natural Hair Braids

Half Individual Natural Hair Braids

Natural hair braids for African-American women are so creative and versatile. You can combine the cornrow styles with loose box braids to make your look more unique. Embellish your braids with some accessories like colorful wooden beads at the end can add more attractiveness for the whole look.

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Asymmetrical Twist Braid Crown

Asymmetrical Twist Braid Crown

There is no doubt that this is the most elegant style with braid for the lady. Wear it to prom with a classy dress and proper earrings and accessories will make you look much more outstanding.

Jumbo French Braid on Natural Hair

Jumbo French Braid

This natural hair braids style will give you a sassy and sweet look. If you want to add volume to your hair, let’s try this one. No special colors or accessories added, you still can have a look in perfection.

Side Swept Braids on Natural Hair

Side Swept Braids

You have curly hair and you want to look fancy with that. It is a good idea if you style your hair with side-swept braids. Just a few plaits on one side of our head and add some beard on it, you can nail this style

Our conclusion

Natural hair braids always are trendy and never out of date. More and more ways to wear this style and you also can create your own desirable one. Hopefully, after reading our post, you can find for yourself a style that goes with you on a special occasion or just for daily life.

In case you have short hair but still want to rock these styles, go for a human hair wig. Then you could freely style your hairpieces at any time.

If you want to know more about hairstyles and wig ideas, visit Hairsystem for more.

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