Have You Heard? Vietnamese Hair Is The Best Bet To Rock Your Hair!

In order to produce the first-class human hair systems, Hairsystem uses the best quality of Vietnamese hair. This type of hair is well known for its silk, shine, and strength.

Like the neighbor hair type – Cambodian hair,  Vietnamese hair comes in a diversity of textures such as straight curly or light wavy hair. To have beautiful hair, women in Vietnam have natural hair cares with shampoos that contain natural ingredients. You can reuse this hair many times if you use and take care of it carefully. So “What is raw Vietnamese hair?”, “What type of hair Vietnamese girls like?” and “Where to buy Vietnam raw hair wholesale?” All will be revealed in this post!

What is Vietnamese hair?

Vietnamese hair is harvested directly from healthy donors in Vietnam, so it is completely safe to wear. The hair is 100% pure, unprocessed, hence, it is truly versatile and durable. In the hair market now, Vietnamese virgin Remy hair is one the best option for the wearers. The hair is soft, fine, and silky texture. Besides, it is extremely lightweight and mixes well with your bio hair, you can feel comfortable when wearing it. The raw hair is easily styled to reach close texture and style like your human hair.

One more plus of the hair is its durability. Protect it, maintain it, you can keep it stay healthy in 1 year or more. It is up to you. With it, other people can not detect that it is your real hair or a wig. Own raw Vietnamese hair extensions, they will surprise you. Please treat and love the hair like your child. Gently wash it, feel free to cut and style it. It is easier to match your natural hairstyle.

Vietnamese hair is famous as good quality hair to make hairpieces

Vietnamese women use natural shampoos to clean their hair. Besides, they always condition to moisturize the hair. They also have a healthy diet rich in iron, omega-3 fatty acids, and protein – all good for human hair. Because of their good habit, now you can possess Vietnamese long hair extensions.

If Cambodian hair is famous for its strength, Vietnamese hair is smooth and soft. Travel to Vietnam, you will see images of Vietnamese long hair woman. And this is the impression of Vietnamese women with friends all over the world.

We think you will fall in love with Vietnam hair. It will not let you down. Now we will move to the next section about the benefits and drawbacks of this hair.

Raw hair Vietnam: pros and cons

Why do Vietnam people have long hair? In ancient times, the rules for women were very strict. According to traditional customs and manners, long hair was symboled for correctness, kindness, and virtue. Therefore, it is normal when their hairs are long and black.

Why you should purchase raw Vietnamese hair? Let’s see.

Things you might like about raw Vietnamese hair

– 100% raw human hair: Totally pure, no permed and styled in any way. It is safe to wear. All cuticle layers are intact, you can expect good hair with tangle-free. Vary in a wide range of textures: straight, wavy, curly, and so on.

– Raw human hair is harvested from only a single donor, they have the same quality and look identical. The raw Vietnamese hair wigs or extensions mix easily with your natural hair. There are no differences from your real hair.

Vietnamese hair is strong and smooth

– Long lifespan: It is durable and suits every wearer. This hair can keep the original shape well.  You can hold it for a year or more than with proper use and care.

– It is more lightweight and softer than the others. Just like your bio hair, tie in a ponytail or braid the hair in daily wear if you want.

– Cheap price: Everyone can get a Vietnamese topper hairpiece. It is not as difficult as you thought. This benefit makes the hair ideal for wig wearers. You might think this hair is the best.

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Things you might not like

Besides the advantages we have mentioned above, Vietnamese hair also has the disadvantage that you need to consider. There is not a variety of colors and styles: The main color of virgin hair is #1B (natural colors).

Long Hair In Vietnamese Tradition

Almost Vietnamese girls’ long hair came with natural colors (black or deep brown) and texture (natural straight or lightly wavy). Since a baby girl, her parents also like their daughter have long hair. A cute little girl long hair must not shorten her hair without permission from them.

Vietnamese girl with long hair

Do women love their hair? In fact, many ladies like to have long and thick hair. Vietnamese woman looks very gentle and feminine. Search for nice images of long hair on the Internet to see how beautiful their hairs are. From past to now, long hair becomes a traditional beauty and traditional style in Vietnam. Sometimes, with some ladies, they grow their long hair as their husbands or boyfriends like it.

Now, many Vietnamese women still grow their hair, especially ethnic women. They often take the bun on the top as that is their custom.

Do men like women with long hair? Many people said that they feel their women look more lovely and beautiful with long hair in their eyes.

Traditional Vietnamese man with long hair

Men wear long hair custom is influenced by Chinese culture. Have you ever seen Chinese antique films? Most men have long hair and it is braided into pigtails.

Vietnamese men with long hair in feudal times

By the 17th century, both men and women had long tresses that are considered a symbol of Vietnamese identity at that time. Vietnamese men kept their long hair and had black teeth. From farmers to intellectuals, all had long hair. Especially, some noblemen sported long fingernails.

However, there were many changes when the French took control of Vietnam at the end of the 19th century. Some Vietnamese people working for the French imitated the French style, and they cut their hairs. Since then, men in Vietnam have short hair until now.

Vietnamese hairstyles throughout history

What is the Vietnamese hairstyle men and women in the late 19th century? Both of them were long hair. The men used a craft towel to cover their hair and the women’s hairs were parted in middle and tied neatly in a bun.

After that, French hairstyles appeared in Vietnam in the year of 1930-1940. Almost of people in the noble class imitated this hairstyle. In the north of Vietnam, women often tied their hair by a towel, and young girls always had medium hair in length. Some of them had a short curly tail making a cute appearance. And men had their short hair.

Vietnamese women in the past

Nowadays, when the living standard was improved, people concerned more about the demand for beauty. To meet the customers’ demands, there are more and more hair salons throughout Vietnam today.

To create a new style but still keep traditional Vietnamese long hairstyle, many hairstylists spend time to study and research. Some of them are successful when receiving awards in many international competitions. They contribute a great part in the development of Vietnam’s hair fashion industry.

The Vietnamese hair market is growing extremely strongly, followed by a lot of beautiful hairstyles with new styles. Vietnamese guy hairstyles are suitable for all face shapes like undercut, pompadour or classic hairstyles – short black hair. Meanwhile, Vietnamese girl hairstyles whether long or short hair are outstanding. If you are not confident with a bob hairstyle, you can try wearing long curly hair.

The Importance of Hairstyle in Vietnam Cultures

In such countries that are rich in customs and culture like Vietnam, women really love long natural locks. It should come as no surprise if you see many Vietnamese girls with long hair.

In Vietnamese tradition, the hairstyle expresses not only physical beauty but also the personality and soul of a person. The Vietnamese iconic hairstyle is long hair. In the old concept, hair is the first glimpse of a beautiful person. A little girl can wear short hair, but when growing up, she never cuts her hair.

long hair stands for the beauty of Vietnamese women

Having a long and sleek hair was the pride of an old Vietnamese girl. Women also used accessories to design hairstyles such as “khan dong” or “khan mo qua” that are made of fabric. In the past, men also liked long-haired women. They thought women with long hair were gentle and feminine.

Nowadays, many brides choose the Vietnamese headdress wedding hairstyle on the most important day. They offer both classic and modern look. Wonderful!

The hairstyle of Vietnamese Ethnic Women

Most ethnic women take good care of their hairs. They always keep their hair long and black, with no use chemicals. For example, according to the concept of black Thai people, women’s hair role an important position. If you have the opportunity to travel in the Northwest of Vietnam, you will see women with tied hair in a chignon at the top of the head. This means they are married.

Vietnamese Thai ethnic women

To get dark and luster hair, ethnic women do not use expensive shampoos or hair conditioners. They often wash their hairs with natural or herbal products. That is a reason why their hairs are very smooth, strong, less broken and split ends.

How Vietnamese girls grow their hair long?

To maintain long and beautiful hair, Vietnamese women use natural ingredients to care for their hair.

Boket – natural shampoo

Since the past, ladies use “boket” as a natural product to clean their hair. Put it into the pot of water and boil. Let the water cool and then start washing your hair.

Vietnamese women use “boket” to wash their hair

Boket contains 10% saponins which can create foam to clean the hair. Its main use is anti-inflammatory and cleansing. Besides, women use it to treat dandruff, fungus, reduce breakage and hair loss problems, stimulate hair growth, etc.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice contains acid that removes dirt, dandruff and itching feeling. In ancient times, Vietnamese girl long hair used lemon as a conditioner to create a gentle scent. After shampooing with boket, women often rinse their hair with lemon juice to smooth their hair.

Grapefruit peel

This thing has many essential oils that stimulate hair growth, nourish hair follicles, and keep the hair stay healthy.

grapefruit peel

To have long and sleek hair, mothers often cut grapefruit peel into small pieces. Then boil it in water, let it cool down, and use the water to wash their hair. In addition to cleansing the hair, grapefruit peel shampoo help women reduce stress very well.

Why choose virgin Vietnamese long hair?

Even when there are different sources of human hair on the market, people still prefer the one from this S-shaped country. Let’s learn why this hair receives such huge love from wig wearers worldwide!

The length

The first thing makes this hair become popular around the world is its length. Which length of hair do you want? The Remy hair bundles from Vietnam comes from 8 inches to 30 inches in length, even longer. Moreover, it is 100% virgin hair, which means the hair is unprocessed, no treated.

The longer the hair is, the more attractive you are. Trying out a Vietnamese long straight black hair, it changes not only your hair but also your style. You look so gentle.


The natural texture of raw Vietnamese bundles is straight and slightly wavy. You can see this hair in deep curly or kinky curly texture, but most of them are created by the steam method. The hair texture can suit for all of the natural hair textures.

Often the hair is in black color, strong and thick. If you buy a colored Vietnamese hair extension, it means the hair is dyed. You wonder whether chemicals in the dyes affect hair quality or not. As the hair is raw, it can be styled and dyed as you prefer.

Vietnamese human hair is long, luster, and strong

This hair type does not have bad smells, so you can enjoy your good hair day. If you buy poor-quality hair,  you often meet the bad smell hair after washing it.


As mentioned above, Vietnamese virgin hair is also flexible. You can wash, dry, style the hair to reach the hairstyle you like. All cuticles of the hair are not altered after collecting, so it avoids tangling problems. Being taken care of by traditional methods, the long hair has no split ends and no dull appearance.

You want to have long black hair. You don’t want to wait for a long time to reach this hair length. Find the best Vietnamese hair vendor to order an extension. This is a great way for you.


Virgin long hair is on the top of high-quality hair in the market. It also requires less maintenance. With proper care, the hair can last 12 months or more.

Vietnamese Virgin Hair Compared To Other Hair Origins

Often, the hairs from Vietnam are harvested from strong women who have traditional hair. What is the traditional hair? It is raw, very strong and durable. If you are finding a much softer and thinner hairpiece, choose Vietnamese hair. Today, this type of hair is well-known for its high quality. Moreover, Vietnam virgin hair is collected and kept cuticles aligned. Hence, it minimizes the tangling and shedding problem.

What about other types of hair such as Brazillian or Indian hair? In South Africa, Brazilian hair is one of the most prevalent hairs. Just like the Vietnamese, it is quite soft, thick and durable as well. Many women like this hair because it suits any hairstyles, from straight to curly hair. But it is not as silk and luster as the Vietnamese hair.

Remy Vietnamese hair is a great choice for hair extensions and wigs

What is the main difference between Vietnamese hair vs. Brazillian hair? Due to its density, the Brazilian one is likely to frizz. A lot of wearers wonder about the quality of Vietnamese hair. Please compare with other kinds of hair, it is the best.

Instead of hair transplant, why don’t you choose a Vietnamese hair texture to conceal your hair thinning hair? Buy and wear a wig, you don’t have to wait many years to possess long hair.

How To Care For Vietnamese Hair Bundles

Do you like smooth and full hair? Of course, beautiful tresses help you feel confident at any time and anywhere. But you should learn about how to care Vietnamese hair to keep it stay healthy.

Below, we show some simple hair care tips to keep the virgin hair long-lasting. Keep following up to feel happy and comfortable anywhere.

Don’t wash the hair with hot water

Clean the hair is an important step. Remember the time frame to shampoo the hair. Depend on how often you wear it, you can wash the hair 1-2 times per month. Gently wash the hairpiece as you do with your existing hair. Opt for shampoos that are free-sulfate and no harsh chemicals when washing. Add conditioners to moisturize the hair if you want. Never use hot water to clean your hair wigs. If your item is in curly texture, it will be straightened out if you use hot water. Therefore, bear in mind that only use cold water or mild water.

wash your Vietnamese hairpieces with specialized shampoo

One more thing you should remember before washing, detangle your hair first. Use a comb or your fingers. Start from the ends of the hair and move up to the roots. When washing, don’t rub the hair as it can cause a shedding problem. Let it air dry after washing. We highly recommend using a special wide comb to brush.

Never over-style the hair

You can style, color or bleach the Vietnamese virgin hair as it is raw hair. But don’t overload it. You know chemicals and heat can damage the hair, causing many hair problems. For example,  please use a hairdryer on cool setting to blow the hair.

You want to color or perm the raw hair, it is possible. Visit a hair salon and professional will take care of and style it for you. They are trained and know what to do to protect the hair of the unit.

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Do the right things when sleeping

If you sleep with your human hair wig, remember some tips that keep the hair nice.

– Sleep with a satin pillowcase as it can prevent the hair from tangling.

– Wrap a silk or satin scarf around your head and hair at night to keep the hair from drying out on cotton pillowcases.

– Tie the hair in a low ponytail and secure it with a silk scarf when sleeping.

– Don’t sleep when the hair is still wet.

keep your Vietnamese hair moisturized

Moisturize your Vietnamese hairpieces

For long-lasting lifespan, moisturize the hair as you would do with your skin. Keep your hair clean, no odors. Wear a swim cap to protect your hair as the chlorine in the swimming pool or salt in the beach water as they are the reasons that make the hair dry quickly.

The Industry of Trading Vietnamese Hair – Vietnamese Hair Company

According to many hairstylists and cultural researchers, the barber in Vietnam was officially born during the French colonial period. In the early 1900s, men in Vietnam began cutting short hair and this hairstyle grew rapidly. The researchers said that this can be considered as the time of the birth of Vietnam’s hair industry.

Until now, the hair industry has become a developed economic industry. It attracts a large number of employees working in the field. The growth of the hair industry also requires hairstylists to be professional, creative and know how to apply the achievements in practice. Many hairstylists regularly learn about world trends, approach high-quality products to gain experience.

Vietnamese hair is famous as good quality hair to make hairpieces

Besides, Vietnamese hair is also known and trusted by professionals in the world. It is among the most advanced hair types on the market used to make wigs and hair extensions. Why Vietnamese hair is popular? What about the Industry of Trading Vietnamese Hair?

This type of hair has a good texture, including straight, slightly wavy, wavy texture and so on. To create curly Vietnamese men or women hairstyle without damaging the natural hair, hairstylists use a wig or extension to style. With Vietnamese hair, you can style the hairpieces with heating tools or dye if you want. Because the hair is gathered from human donors, you can treat it as you would do your real tresses. The hair is kept in the same direction to be tangle-free. Also, it is natural-looking, versatile and durable.

Where to find the best Vietnam hair vendors?

There are many Vietnam hair suppliers and factory vendors that supply the hair. You can find Vietnamese hair wholesale in local or on many websites. But bear in mind that you need to find out them carefully before buying hairpieces. Sometimes, the seller doesn’t supply you with real Vietnamese hair. As the fame of Vietnam long hair, you can easily find a suitable hair. And the price is not high difference.

Look for wholesalers that sell Vietnamese hair, come to Hairsystem –  Vietnam Remy hair company. We also offer human hair systems that all made of this hair. Tell us what hairstyle you want and our skilled craftsmen will create for you. Wearing our hair, your hair will look awesome if styled and parted properly. Our raw Vietnamese hair is the best choice if you are looking for virgin hair wigs to make up your beauty.

hairpieces made from Vietnamese hair at Hairsystem

To satisfy our clients (individuals, hair salons, and wholesalers), we do not use any harsh chemicals to change Vietnamese hairstyles and structure. It is protected carefully by our high standards. To change the hair texture, we utilize the hot-steam method instead of hot styling tools.

Being one of the biggest hair vendors in Vietnam, we always put the customer’s benefits and feeling first. Besides, we also produce and sell a lot of hair products made of Vietnamese hair such as toupees, toppers, frontals, etc. We support our distinguished customers 24/7 and ensure to satisfy all of your wants and needs. You can expect a quick response and do not worry about accuracy. We give you the best advice to get the most proper product for your demand.

Raw Vietnamese hair in a nutshell

In this post, we show all the information you should know about Vietnamese hair, from its features to where to buy it. Hope that you will have the right decision about buying hair.

Try wearing this hair and you will love it. Give you a chance to change yourself and enjoy your life. With cheap prices, everyone can get good Vietnamese hair weave and wig.

Should you have any interest in the hair or relating things, feel free to contact us via (+84) 98 261 44 86. Not all, you can comment below or text us at admin@hairsystem.net. Hairsystem’ experienced teams will get back to you as quickly as possible. Also, check out our product lines for the top-notch hair units at friendly prices.

Have a good day!

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