Beyonce Wig: Our Queen Bee Loves Wearing Wigs!

People frequently ask so many questions about celebrities. They often gain much reputation and they also have a significant impact on our community. Among those outstanding names in the world, Beyonce may be one of the most powerful celebrities. She is famous for very reasons, but one thing we are sure that many of you want to know about is Beyonce wigs. Does Beyonce wear a wig? What are the top Beyonce wigs? And how she looks without her wig?

All the information from Hairsystem below will be under the form of the answer to your possibly concerned questions. Let’s check them out.

About Beyonce

Beyonce, also known as Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, is an American celebrity whose reputation comes from many roles such as a singer, a songwriter, an actress. You can see Beyonce perfectly performing on the stages with colorful hair. Some say that she is the queen of wigs and that hair is one from her collection. Some believe that it’s her natural hair.

Beyonce’s reputation rose to mainstream ever since she was a member of Destiny’s Child – the legendary girl group with one of the best selling records in the music industry. After the disbandment in 2006, her career as a solo singer still flourished, making her a top diva in the US-UK pop world. Some greatest hits of this Queen Bey include Irreplaceable, Déjà Vu, I Am… Sasha Fierce, If I Wear A Boy, and so on.

beyonce – a top American diva

Among the community of black singers and artists, Beyonce also stands out as the highest-paid celeb. She was listed for several times by Times Magazine as one of the most influential people in the world. Beyonce won big awards like Grammy, MTV Video Music Awards, Golden Globe Awards, etc. several times.

Apart from her music activity, people also care a lot about her marriage to Jay-Z and her lifestyle. Beyonce is an endless inspiration for black women when it comes to hairstyles. She possesses beautiful natural hair; however, she loves to wear wigs, like other black people.

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Does Beyonce wear a wig?

Yes. Just like the other musicians and performers, Beyonce has her own collection of wigs, hair extension, and weaves. They were used as a tool that supports the visual output of the artist to display her expression. Beyonce lace front wigs are attached to her forehead with the wig adhesive and they can be seen in her close-up photograph with high resolution.

beyonce is a celebrity that loves wearing wigs

She wears wigs during her performances and at nearly all the award shows.

Top Beyonce Wigs

Beyonce wig collection includes different types of wigs. Each one has its own advantages and will be used in certain events. In this section, we mention two main types of wigs which are lace wigs and monofilaments.

Beyonce Lace Wigs

Lace wigs are what we have in common about the most popular type of wigs that Beyonce wears. We have two major lace wigs here: full lace and lace front. Items that Beyonce wears would be in the highest quality, made from natural virgin human hair, but if you need something cheaper, wigs with plastic lace and synthetic hair can be a recommendation. People sometimes mistake for a full lace wig and a lace front one, so we will show you their difference.

beyonce with a lace wig

Full Lace Wigs

The full lace wig is very popular among types of wigs. It is made from a lace cap that covers the entire neck, a hand-knotting of the human hair. A full lace wig will make you outstanding whenever you want. Or you sometimes even forget that you are wearing a wig. Basically, this type of wigs is completely made by hand; thus being breathable and light when you wear it. What’s more, this item also brings about a realistic appearance. Beyonce has appeared in public with different kinds of full lace wigs, like a bob wig or a ponytail one.

Full lace wigs show their advantages through many aspects. First of all, they come with great versatility. This allows you to part them in any way. For this reason, you will be surprised by its attractiveness. Secondly, you can wear a full lace wig as a high ponytail. No one would realize that you are wearing a wig. The knotted hair strands bring about impressively weight and many other advantages that we cannot mention today.

Lace Front Wigs

A lace front wig has some differences comparing to a full lace one. Beyonce lace front wig can be kept in place through its attachment to the front edges of your head and a lace panel on your hairline. The front lace is usually about 3 inches wide. The rest of the wig would be made from a strong and thick material. That material will create the attachment with the hair strands in the wefts. The rest of the wig base needs to be made very carefully to ensure both the thickness and comfort.

beyonce bob wig

The lace is nearly invisible so it looks like your natural hairline. You can pay less money to get lace front wigs as they come with impressive affordability. You are a beginner? Don’t worry, wearing this item is much simpler. However, while full lace wigs give you a natural ponytail with the back, lace front one cannot, but we still can part it in the middle.

Frankly speaking, we can hardly detect if Beyonce is wearing a full lace or a lace front if you just look from the front. But if it’s not a ponytail or updo hairstyle, then there’s a high possibility that she is wearing a lace front one.

Queen Bey with a braided wig

Beyonce Monofilament Wigs

While lace wigs are what Beyonce usually use, monofilament wigs, with their expense, are not many people’s choice. However, monofilament wigs still come with a surprising number in Beyonce wig collection. Monofilament refers to the way they make the wig cap.  The appearance that this type of wigs brings about is even more realistic than the full lace wig.  The versatility of styling helps a lot in freely parting your hair in any way you want. The hair is sewn or tied in sections into the top of the cap. This cap should be made from a high-quality and sheer material which is also known as a monofilament.

This is the most popular wig type that celebrities, including Beyonce, love to wear.

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Beyonce Without Wigs

Beyoncé was very famous for her fabulous hairstyles besides the great career in art. As you all know, Beyonce wears her wig nearly all the time on the stages, but how about Beyonce without wigs? In 2013, Beyonce appears with a bob back which makes her more amazing as a singer, but most of her time comes with the hair with great length. This causes some discussions about whether Beyonce wears wigs or not. Those debates seem to be settled by an Instagram post of Tina Knowles on Saturday.

Beyonce without wigs

Hold on a little. We can see some images of Beyonce on her stylist’s Instagram, Neal Farinah after he styled her hair for SIA. We can understand that what we were seeing in the images is not Beyonce wigs. Furthermore, her mom has also bragged about Beyonce’s real hair several times on social networks. You can search around to see the photos of Beyonce with real straight or curly hair online.

Many of us agree that women look best in their natural hair, no matter whether it is straight or coily. And in fact, they do.

The Bottom Lines

After seeing the advantages and information on those types of wigs, I think that you need some outstanding wig providers who are reliable enough to make you come to them more than one time – and Hairsystem meets all those requirements.

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