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Hair Density – How To Measure It Right?

While the width of human hair reflects how wide each strand of your hair is, hair density refers to how close are these stresses on your head. Knowing well the density of your hair is exceptionally significant, as it would help a lot in finding a suitable hairpiece to wear. First, what is hair density? The very […]

How To Care A Hair Topper?

All hair replacement systems need to care and maintain to keep it looking and help the hairpiece last as long as possible. And topper hair extensions are no exception. Nowadays, hair toppers are used widely to cover baldness, thinning hair, and lengthen your existing hair as well. Instead of spending a large amount of money for a […]

Hair Topper For Thinning Hair

Generally speaking, hair topper is an item that people use with the aim of covering the thinning top of their head. It is also known under other familiar names such as hairpiece, hair system, wiglet, headcover, and hair enhancer. It would be extremely frustrating to see your hairline get thinner and thinner. If you are […]

Types Of Human Hair Toppers

A human hair topper is a perfect solution for women with thinning hair or hair loss, who want to add natural volume and length. Sometimes, it is also called wiglet, hairpiece or hair enhancer. Human hair piece toppers are a very simple, yet effective solution for many clients and are beautiful piece can be worn discreetly […]