How To Dye Hair Topper?

People tend to wonder that Can I dye my human hair topper and How to dye human hair topper? Of course, you can feel free to dye your wig because it is made of 100% human hair.

It’s your hair so customize it however you like. However, there is risk involved and you could damage your hair, be super careful and do your homework before dying topper.

colored hair topper

Using a human hair topper allows the wearer to dye their hair which is not possible with synthetic hair.

How To Dye A Human Hair Topper?

Wash Your Wig Topper

Before starting to dye, your human hair wiglet must be washed thoroughly to clean every strand and remove any dirt build up from an accumulation of dust and oils. After the topper is washed, it is then let out to air-dry or blow-dry to complete dryness.

Next, comb your extension from start to end and make sure it does not contain any knots or tangles.

Mix The Dye

Remember to simply mix your dye before gently applying it directly to the extension.

You can use a normal hair dye available at a drug store. Besides, find a 20 volume hair developer to let you change the color by one or two shades.

You read the instructions on your dye and developer, then mix them in a plastic bowl. You should put on gloves when mixing your dye to protect your skin from irritation.

mix the dye

– Two boxes of hair dye are enough for your long hair topper.

– Do not use a metal bowl or spoon to mix your dye because they can oxidize your dye, causing it to change colors.

Test The Dye On A Few Strands

Start on how to dye human hair topper. This is the next and compulsory step on how to dye a human hair topper. You use a small paintbrush to apply the dye to a very small section of hair. Then wait about 30-40 minutes to.

– If you like the color, apply it to the rest of the topper. If not, let try a different shade of hair dye.

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Apply Your Dye

Now you can dye your topper. Carefully drape the wig on a mannequin head and gently apply dye hair through the layers of the extension.

The other way is to soak the topper in the dye. Place the wig in the bowl with the dye and gently scoop the dye over and spread it through the layers of hair. Then you set the wig onto a wig stand. A stand will keep your wig’s shape and style intact after you dye it.

apply the dye on your hair topper

– Remember not to roughly rub the dye into the wig.

– Use a wide-tooth comb or a wig brush to distribute the dye throughout the wig.

Ensure that the dye is evenly applied to the entire topper. This will help your dyed hair look more natural and blend your real hair.

Wash The Hair Again With A Color-safe Shampoo

Keep waiting 30-40 minutes when your lace topper has reached the right color. We recommend checking the wig every 10 minutes. Now, you can wash it.

You should use a proper shampoo and conditioner for the human hair topper. Place the extension under a tap to get rid of any excess dye before lathering it with shampoo. Then rinse out the shampoo when you are done.

wash hair topper with color-safe shampoo

Apply a high-quality and safe conditioner to the top of your topper if you want to have shiny hair. Then wash your hair until the water runs clear.

Let The Topper Dry

The last step on how to dye a human hair topper is to gently squeeze the wig with the towel to remove excess water and place it back on the stand to dry.

You can let it air dry or use a hairdryer on a low setting. Leave your topper on the stand until it is completely dry.

That’s all steps of how to dye your human hair topper. You should follow them to have a beautiful hair wig as expected.

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With our real human hair, you can free to dye, wash or style without worrying about damaging your bio hair.

Furthermore, Hairsystem has a wide range of virgin human hair products ready to shop. We also make customized orders for those wanting to have the best fit for their own hair.

colored human hair topper from HAIRSYSTEM

However, among our numerous available choices of hair toppers, you probably feel overwhelmed and have not the slightest idea about where to start looking for it. Don’t worry! Our hair experts will help you deal with this problem. They will advise you on what suits you best, how to dye a human hair pull through topper and everything to keep wigs in a gorgeous way.

The Bottom Line

This is something you can do to dye your hair piece at home. If you want to switch up your hair color and don’t cause any damage to your natural hair, purchase one of Hairsystem’ wigs and work your color combination on it.

I hope that after this post you will have the full and necessary information about how to dye human hair topper. Before deciding to buy a wig, remember to look for the best and popular place to own a suitable one.

If you need more useful and necessary information about human hair toppers and hair extension or want to share your experience with toppers for others, don’t hesitate to visit Hairsystem’s site and leave comments.

Good luck!

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