How To Measure Toupee Size?

You wear a men hair toupee for what? To conceal your baldness or add more volume to your hair. No matter what your purpose is, you should measure the base size carefully before placing the toupee order.

Hair toupee for men is known as wiglet or hair enhancer, precisely the small versions of a wig. It also comes in many standard sizes, shapes and you can choose a large or small size to cover your baldness spots. You can also give the measurement results to your trusted hair vendor and they will customize your own hairpiece.

Toupee For Men

You have a headache because you have to find a way to cover your baldness every day. Many people are afraid of going out with your hair, while some feel like they will be stigmatized with their balding head. There is a simple solution, it is a men hair toupee. The hair piece is very great and natural-looking. It is available to give you the coverage of your head that you need.

At hairsystem, all wiglets are made with 100% human hair and ventilated by hand only. This means it will blend in with your existing hair. Also, you don’t need to worry that your real hair toupee will be detected since it is designed to look as natural as possible.

men’s hair toupee

Understand that nobody wants to have a baldness hat, we have a large toupee collection for customers to choose. Curly hair men toupee, lace hair toupee, hair toupee for black men and white men, and so on.

Most wearers choose human men toupee hair pieces because of their softness and naturalness. Moreover, the color of human hair toupee is the same as your bio hair. Some people who are not bald also use a wiglet to change their hairstyle, creating a new fashion trend.

Why men hair toupee become popular?

You can find a lot of different hair systems for bald men on the market today. With a variety of colors, sizes, shapes, wig wearers can find the best one for them. Depending on the conditions and needs of each person, you can choose human hair or synthetic fibers. We highly recommend using real human hair toupee.

It can suit all types of men’s head, not cramped, uncomfortable, always bring comfortable feeling like your own natural hair.

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The base of the human hair wiglet is carefully created, provides natural beauty. It is hard to detect that you are wearing a wig. Being made with raw material, it does not irritate your skin.

How much does it cost?

Depend on the type of toupee (human hair or synthetic hair toupee), the price is different. The human hair piece is more expensive than the synthetic one, it may range from $100 to $2.000. Search on the Internet and choose the best reputable hair vendor to purchase a human hair toupee.

the price of toupee depends of its quality

Real human men hair toupee will stay in its color longer because they are high-quality. You can wash, dye and style it like your real hair. Let the hair piece helps you guys to create extremely beautiful hairstyles.

How To Measure A Toupee Size

Length and width are two main factors that help you choose the right type of toupee. Hence, you should know how to accurately measure the human hair toupee men. Also, getting the correct size hair piece allows you to have a more realistic look. Now, let’s learn how should we measure a men hair toupee.

– To get the width of men toupee hair wig, we take a side to side measurement in the balding area. Place the tape at the beginning point, then go across to the opposite edge. The measured result is the width of a toupee size.

– Length of base size of the toupee: We start with measure tape at the front of your hairline, go back to your balding area or the middle of the base and stop at where the balding ends. Record the result.

how to measure toupee size

Once you finished, send measurement results to a hair vendor to make a completed hair system fits.

To have an accurate measurement, you should:

– Use a cloth measuring tape, don’t use a straight ruler.

– When you measure, don’t hold the tape tightly.

– You can measure more than 1 time, at least 3 times to have an exact result.

– Keep the tape be flat when measuring.

Toupee hair extensions will be your best friend and number one choice if it suits naturally with your hair. Bear in mind that there are no one-size toppers for all. Each hairpiece is designed to conceal a part of your head, so please measure carefully before buying one.

See our ready-made toupee:

The bottom lines

Remember that knowing the correct measurement will allow you to have a perfect men hair toupee fit. If you are unsure about the type of men hair toupee that would be perfect for you, please take a look at our hair product line and blogs.

human hair toupee from Hairsystem

Hairsystem offers a number of different best men hair toupee and other types of hair systems. They are human hair and can blend perfectly with your existing hair. Our real human hair pieces are carefully created, offer the most natural-looking and fashionable for the wig wearer. If you are looking for a high-quality product at a friendly price, hairsystem is the right place for you.

We guarantee that all hair replacement systems in our company are high-class and 100% safe to wear. However, you should know how to protect and take care of it so that it can last longer. As you know, maintaining men hair toupee is necessary if you want to reuse it in the future. Just like your natural locks, all strands of hair tend to be tangling and shedding without proper care.

Leave your questions regarding human hair replacement systems you would like to ask us below. We are always willing to help you solve any hair problems you might have.

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