How To Store Wigs?

Wearing a wig is a great way for your thinning hair and hair loss problem. It will not let you down. Purchasing a wig, people tend to wonder “Can I wear my human hair wig daily?” or “How long can a wig last?” Of course, you can wear it daily but you should take care of it daily, too.

Maybe Hairsystem’ post today will help someone finding some ways on how to store wigs and improve your daily look.

Why do we need to store wigs properly?

Have you ever envied girls with long and soft hair? Do you wish to be like her? Let’s invest a wig. Not only brings you gorgeous hair, but it also covers all defects on your head.

Wigs are a worthy investment, so the wig wearers want to use it for a long time. Understanding some ways can help you maintain the wig in good condition, and keep it looking fresher, longer. So why you should store your wigs? Here are some advantages.

Maintain the hair quality

The wig may become frizzy and fade in color if you wear it frequently without storing it. Do you want to wear a dry and unattractive wig? Definitely never. Therefore, you have to spend some time to keep your wig in good condition as well as improve the overall quality of the wig.

storing wigs properly help maintain hair quality and increase its lifespan

Increase longevity

Regardless of whether you are wearing a real human hair wig or a synthetic wig, please store it carefully. Keep your hair far away from heat, dirt… to expand its lifespan.

How to store synthetic wigs and human wigs? They need love, so gently wash and store them after several times of wearing. The more you take care of the wig, the more its texture and durability last.

Some rules when storing wigs

– Clean the wig before storing it. Just like natural hair, the wig also needs to be cleaned regularly. Depending on the frequency of wearing, you can wash the hair after using 4-5 times or even 10 times if you wear it sparingly. Gently wash it to remove all residue dirt and sweat. If you don’t wash the wig, it will be an ideal environment of bacteria such as fungus, dandruff… Use a shampoo designed for wigs and only wash with fresh water. You can find this shampoo in at some hair salons or wig stores. It is better if you follow the instructions on the hair care products bottle. Do not rub the hair when washing, as it can cause tangling problem. Then rinse out with water again. Let the hair air dry and finally, detangle the dry wig.


– Store the wig in a cool condition. Put the wig in somewhere that has no direct sunlight and exposure to heat. Environmental elements can cause harm and dry the wig quickly. Especially, do not wear the wig in the rain if you do not want your beautiful wig to become dry, tangled, and unnatural.

– How to store your wigs? Stock up it in a hairnet so that it can hold the hair texture. And keep it away from your kids.

How To Store Wigs Short Term

Put in a box

When you buy a wig, the seller can send you a box containing the wig. If you have a small wig collection, you change the hair frequently, please store your wigs in their original boxes.

store wigs in a box

The box is designed to hold the wig perfectly. It can help to maintain the wig’s shape well. After washing and detangle the dry wig, you can put it in the box to keep it strong.

Store the hair in a plastic container or bag

It is another way to store wigs without head. Place your lace front wig in a hairnet so that it stays in place. As there are many types of hairnets, make sure that you pick a suitable size for your hairpiece. How to store long wigs? Remember not to pack it into a small hairnet. Continue put the wig in a cheap plastic container that you can buy in a shop near you. This way is very useful when you travel with a lot of wigs.

put wigs in a plastic container or bag

Or you can put your wigs in clean plastic bags for storage. Doing like that can keep the wig stay healthy and save storage space effectively. Flatten the bag to remove all of the air before sealing.

Fold the wig

You have a short hair wig, store it by folding is a good choice. Try to fold it in half from ear to ear then put it into a bag. This will help prevent the hair from tangling and shedding.

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How To Store Wigs Long Term

Use a wig stand

You need a stand or wig head to store wigs long term cheap at home. This item is the best way for storage but it takes a lot of space. If you have many wigs, the method is quite inconvenient.

How to store pre-styled wigs? Put the wig on a stand so that it holds the wig’s shapes and styles. Before storing, use your fingers and run through the wig to detangle all knots. Then place it in a safe place, avoid direct sunlight.

Store the wigs in your closet

Other ways on how to properly store wigs, you can easily find your wig if you store it in the closet. Arrange the hair systems according to their colors, textures, lengths… For example, you can put the short wigs in a drawer, long wigs in another. It helps you find the hair you want to wear as quickly as possible.

keep wigs in your closet

The Last Words

There are many tips on how to store wigs properly. We have researched and shared the best ways with you. With them, your hair system will maintain their original look and increase lifespan. Feel free to leave your comments below about your thoughts or any wig care advice. Hairsystem is always more than happy to support.

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