Master Afro Wig Once And For All

Afro wigs are the most popular hair systems of almost all black women. With this wig, you can quickly make drastic changes to your hair without damaging your own hair. Following our post to answer these questions “Why wear an afro wig? Where to buy a suitable curly afro wig human hair?”

African-blooded Women’s Natural Hair

Many people believe that the fluffy hair of African women is natural. It is true, but not in all situations. Some were born with straight, smooth and long hair like women in Asia and Europe. But it may be because of hobbies, customs or traditions that African women always beautify their hair as frizzy or braided.

While other hairs are straight or wavy, black women have tight curled strands like spirals, coils or zigzags… Their hair tends to be shorter than straight hair, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t grow.

African women’s natural hair

Like women in Asia and Europe, black women also don’t wash their hair every day. You know the key to have shiny and healthy hair is using good hair products. The straight or wavy hair can be washed easily, but if your hair is very curly and kinky, it is harder for shampooing through those loop-the-loops. And you cannot remove all excess oil your hair.

Black women’s wig-wearing habit

Have you ever wondered “why do Africans have curly hair while Asian and European are straight hair?” In fact, most of the African women wear wigs. Surprising, isn’t it?

The hair (color, style, shape,…) is very important to Africans. The more unique and complex the hair is, the more beautiful women are. Normally, each girl will spend about $10 to own a wig, and about $100 for a hair salon each month. So why do they wear a wig?

– A popular style: You can see that many celebrities wear a long or short afro wig to change their styles and look in a short time. Since then they inspire their fans and audiences in general. So the hair system becomes more and more popular.

– Next, the price of this wig is affordable. It is not as expensive as the hair transplant method. It can save your money, your time, and doesn’t harm your scalp.

– Change your hairstyle quickly: Instead of waiting for hours at a hair salon to have the style you hope. Let’s choose an afro wig style that suits you best. Curly afro wig with bangs is a good way as it brings you a natural look. Only place the hairpiece on your head, and now you have new hair. Do you know that this wig has become a trending hairstyle that many young people fall in love with? Wearing it, you will be really outstanding in the crowd.

– Conceal the blemish of the hair (baldness, thinning hair, etc): Like many types of wigs in the market, this natural afro wig is also used to hide the baldness or thinning hair areas on the head. It is designed to bring you the perfect look, just like your natural locks. You can choose a hair system that has the same color as your hair so that it blends seamlessly.  Hence, natural human hair wigs for black women can be your best companion in daily life.

Afro wig for black women

Afro Wig Textures

This hairpiece looks so special and fashionable. Manufacturers use 2 main hair types to produce afro wigs, they are human hair and synthetic fibers. Both of them can match your hair seamlessly. With natural wigs for black women, they enable you to style, dye and switch up your look effortlessly. But with a synthetic one, you should avoid using heating tools or restyle it.

You can wear an afro wig year-around, whether for fashion events or just for fun, for party, costume, Halloween, etc.

It can be used year-round, whether for fashion or just for fun, for cosplay, party, costume, carnival, Halloween, April Fool’s Day, masquerade, etc.

Hair features

1. The hair texture is natural-looking and very soft. Don’t hurt your scalp and hair. Wear it and find yourself a renewed appearance.

2. With human hair wig, it allows you to style the hair in any way you like. Moreover, you can tie your hair in a bun to make it look more natural. The special design makes you become more attractive.

3. It fits smoothly and securely around the wearer’s head.

4. Usually, the size of the wig is adjustable and you no need pins or tape to secure the wig. It fits most head sizes smoothly and securely.

5. Deliver long-lasting luster and offer great versatility.

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Afro hairstyles

Afro wigs come in a variety of styles such as natural afro wig, afro curly wig, afro kinky curly wig, and so on. Each hairstyle offers a different beauty. You should use your hand to shake your lace front wig after you take it out of the package. This can help the curls of the wig to be tight, fluffy and more beautiful.

Please love yourself, start from a good hair system.

Afro wig color ideas

According to beauty experts and hair colorists, change the hair color of the wig is a fast way to change your appearance. Let’s take a look at some popular hair colors of the curly afro wig.

Brown afro wig

This color is easy to wear, it is the same as dark chocolate. It suits any face and hair. Take this color and throw it on your hair wig. It will blend your hair and make you want to keep touching your hair. Let the afro wig become a part of your life now.

Blonde afro wig

Blonde afro wig

African women have naturally darker hair, so they always get the blonde color to switch up. Moreover, blonde hair wig can accentuate features on your face like your eyes and mouth. Not only help you stand out in the crowd, but this color also looks modern and fashionable, especially when combined with curly wigs.

Imagine combining this colored hair wig with a black sweatshirt and leggings. A stylish girl! What are you waiting for?

Blue afro wig

Besides some bright and eye-catching colors such as red, pink… blue hair is a good choice for girls. The first thing that you can be probably thinking of this color is a blue sky. Outstanding, unique is what this color hair brings. It may be a great choice for a sunny summer and you will become more beautiful. Dye your wig in this stunning color, and be confident to show your personality.

Grey afro wig

Both celebrities and young people are extremely interested in this hair color. It is a color that brings new and unique styles. Grey is a neutral color and suitable for all skin tones as well. It is the right color for every face so ladies can try to dye afro wigs. Especially the girls with white skin, this grey wig will be very prominent.

grey afro wig

Black afro wig

This color has never been out of date. Black afro wig brings along natural beauty. Although it is not as prominent as other hair colors, it still helps you look more natural. There you have it, girls! Changing hair color can make you feel better and more energized. Choose your favorite color and try it, you will receive the best result.

Where To Buy An Afro Wig?

You like womens afro wig but do you know where to buy it and how to find the best hair supplier? When you search on Google, there is a long list of wholesale hair vendors. And they provide many hair systems that are made of virgin hair, Remy hair, Non-Remy hair or synthetic fibers…So what should you do to find a trusted place that sells high-quality hair wigs?

You can find this wig on some websites like Amazon, AliExpress, and so on. For example, you can search the term “afro kinky curly wig” or “afro wig amazon”, there will be thousands of results related to this wig. However, even after doing that, you still don’t know where to buy. Please ask experienced toupee wearers to get advice. They know where to buy good hair wigs and give you a piece of advice on what style suits your face best.

afro wig from Hairsystem

Do you want to buy a human hair afro wig at a friendly price? Come to Hairsystem now. As one of the leading hair vendors in Vietnam, we supply a range of premium quality human hair wigs, closures, toupees, toppers, and so on. You can be assured when purchasing our hair products as they are created to fit a variety of heads.

The hair we use to create wigs is high-quality hair collected from Vietnam and Cambodia. Usually,  Vietnamese hair is silky, shiny, and the Cambodian one is quite coarse and strong. Depending on the characters of your own hair, you can decide which hair type is more suitable for your preferences. Moreover, our hairs are lightweight helping wearers stay comfortable while wearing it all day. And no one can detect that you are wearing a human hair system. We guarantee that our afro kinky curly human hair wig can meet all the high demands of fastidious customers.

At our company, high-quality hair wigs at cheap prices are a magnet attracting customers. You may not find anywhere to have a cheaper price than our wigs.

Last But Not Least

Hairsystem hope that the post brings you everything about afro wig and where to buy the best human hair wig. If you are interested in this human hair wig or any hair systems, visit our website to get more useful information.

Or kindly contact Hairsystem directly via line (+84) 979 160 986 (WhatsApp/ Mobile) or email: at any time. We are always more than happy to be of service.

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