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How To Find The Best Wig Accessories?

There used to be a time that hair replacement systems were popular for cancer patients. They relied on them to cover the head. However, nowadays, people use wigs and wig accessories for various purposes. For example, they give them a fantastic chance to experience with different hairstyles. These hair units are also excellent for dressing. That is […]

What Causes Hair Loss In Women?

Losing hair too much makes you feel unconfident? It is said that excessive hair loss among women is one of the common problems currently. And there are many reasons leading to this hair problem, maybe due to environmental factors, habit, hair care, nutrition, and so on. Don’t worry, Hairsystem is here to help you find […]

How Bald Are You? – Male Pattern Baldness Stages (Norwood Scale)

Do you feel like you are beginning to go through signs of hair loss? If so, you will need this ultimate guide. It helps you define male pattern baldness stages through the Norwood Scale. Also, you will enjoy the inclusion of treatment recommendations. Okay! Let’s go to the point right now. What is the Norwood balding scale? […]

Wig Adhesive: Should You Choose Glue Or Tape?

Talking about wig adhesive is quite complicated and individually dependence. Each one has her own experience with different wig adhesives. Instead of trying out all the wigs in the market to know which really works, here Hairsystem have some information to helps you make the right choice as fast as possible without too many bad experiences before. What […]

Lady Gaga Wig: From Gorgeous To Chic To Eccentric!

This article about Lady Gaga wig is dedicated to Gaga’s fans and wig lovers. We may not need to discuss the popularity of Lady Gaga in the music world. What an excellent vocalist she is! Not all, she is a fantastic dancer. Also, we cannot forget to mention her talent as an actress. How about her other […]