Let us sail you on the ocean of human hair toupee to understand more about how this amazing hair enhancer can help conceal baldness.

Pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia is the most common condition of hair loss in men. According to statistics, 30-50% of men over the age of 50 are victims of the male baldness. There are many causes of hair problems such as hereditary, stress. Some illnesses (cancers), drugs can also cause hair loss and baldness.

For those who want a perfect appearance with thick and healthy hair, sort out to mens human hair toupee. The hair piece is useful to cover thinning hair areas or bald spots. It also comes in a multitude of types, colors that can blend your natural hair and offer a realistic look.

What Is A Human Hair Toupee?

Before finding out types of toupees, you should first understand what hair toupee for men is. You can call this hair piece by alternative names such as wiglet, headcover, hair system, and hair enhancer.

human hair toupee

Hair toupee is considered the must-have item for balding men. You may know it is designed to cover the hair loss areas and baldness spots. Coming in a variety of colors, lengths, and hair density, clients can easily find the best flawless item for them. Compared to using hair transplantation or laser method, wearing a human hair toupee is a cheap and quick method to remedy hair problems.

Easy to attach is a plus mark of the toupee. Just less than 3 minutes, you have natural and fuller hair, and no one can detect the truth behind your beautiful hair.

It is lightweight, so you may forget that you are wearing a hair piece. Not only concealing hair loss areas, the hair system for men also express your style. Each type of hair gives you a unique appearance and helps you regain confidence and performances.

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Types Of The Human Hair Toupee

Toupees with real hair are 100% hand-tied, bring the naturalness to each hair. With breathable and natural material, you can feel comfortability when wearing it. Produced entirely by human hair, the hair system will be strong, silky, comfortable to style without damaging. Let’s take a look at some common base types of human hair toupee.

Lace base hair toupee

Lace human hair toupee for men is one of the most common hairpieces in the hair market. The lace is well-known its natural look, full breathability, and ideally suited to customers living in the hot or warmer weather countries. Comfort and hand-tied ventilation are guaranteed with the lace base material. Aesthetically, it is the most perfect unit to create a better shape and realistic appearance.

lace hair toupee

The wearer often thinks about HD transparent lace and French lace when mentioning this type of hair toupee for thinning hair. And they are also 2 common lace base types. If you want to have a natural hairline and breathable toupee, let’s choose HD Swiss lace. Additionally, it is delicate and soft, so be careful when wearing this hairpiece. Because of its features, the HD lace can not stand heavy hair density.

What about French lace? It is stronger and thicker than the HD lace. The French lace offers an invisible hairline, so it is not detectable that you are wearing a wiglet. Professional recommend using French lace toupees in the first wearing hair piece as it is easy to attach and remove.

Mono hair toupee

Mono or monofilament base is firmer and more durable than other lace toupees. The mono base hair toupee is natural on the top head and undetectable. Hence, it is considered the best high-class hair replacement system.

monofilament hairpiece

Notably, the base construction of the mono base gives a more free-flowing movement. You can style any texture like straight, wavy or curly that is close to your current hair texture.

Skin Base Toupees

Like its name, skin material looks like your own skin tone. Wearing this type of mens toupee hair pieces can make the illusion that the hair is growing directly from your own scalp.

skin hair systems for men

Similar to other types of toupees, it offers a natural front hairline and hairstyle. You should choose a human hair toupee because it can be styled. In addition, the skin toupee varies in colors and lengths. Whether you are looking for a modern model or classic hairstyle, you will find yourself perfect skin hair replacement system.

In general, human hair toupee for men is one hundred percent safe to wear. There is no hurt, no harm to your natural locks. Even you can wash, dye, bleach and style your hair piece in any way you like without damaging your existing hair.

The Bottom Lines

That is all information about human hair toupee for men. Hopefully, you will have more options when deciding to get a hair piece. Once you spend a lot of time on choosing a human hair toupee, the result will not let you down.

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