Perhaps most people who have searched the term “toupee” have got quite an idea about what it is. However, to look deeper into smaller aspects of this item is still a not-so-popular thing. In other words, whether you have understood well what is a toupee is still a question to ask.

And that’s why this blog post is established. Down below, hairsystem would like to take you onto a tour to discover everything essential about hair replacement system, like definition, types, pros and cons, and more.

What does toupee mean?

Definition of toupee hair

There have appeared different ways to define the definition of hair toupee. According to Oxford Advanced Dictionary, toupee, or toupée, to be more precise, refers to a small section of artificial hair that a man wears to cover the part of his head, where hair no longer grows.

hair toupee

They say “artificial” here not to reflect the quality of hair but since the hair is not your bio hair. In fact, a hairpiece might be made from real human hair or artificial fibers, which we call “synthetic”.

Not only the definition but how to pronounce toupee is also a thing to learn. The correct way to say this word in RP English – the standard accent of English is /ˈtuːpeɪ/. It is pronounced similarly to “tooPay”, but many people tend to read it /ˈtoʊpɪ/. Even the sellers often say it wrong, also.

The origin of toupee

Toupee is believed to be the result of cultural stereotypes towards balding men. The very first evidence of that bias appeared very soon in human history. In the poem “Ars Amatoria” (Art of Love) between BC 1 and AD 1, Ovid – a Roman poet said:

“Ugly are hornless bulls, a field without grass is an eyesore, So is a tree without leaves, so is a head without hair.” 

– Ovid

Another typical example is retrieved from The Arabian Nights, which was established in around AD 800 – 900. Scheherazade, the female character, expressed:

“Is there anything more ugly in the world than a man beardless and bald as an artichoke?”

– The Arabian Nights

In fact, this stereotype did, is, and will still exist in this life. And that’s why people started to find a way to conceal this shortcoming.

toupee has a long-lasting history

Evidence reveals the very first appearance of hair replacement systems on Earth dates back to around 3200 – 3100 BC, in a Predynastic tomb. Traces are found in ancient Greek statues, also.

It was not until the late 19th and early 20th century that it was at its heyday. Millions of men have worn hairpieces to cover their bald spots. Consequently, the toupee manufacturing industry began to flourish.

Nowadays, toupee has become an indispensable part of males with hair loss thanks to its exceptional conveniences.

Who needs a toupee?

Toupee is specially designed for bald men. In other words, any males that are suffering from hair loss or baldness can take advantage of a hair system. Whether you are in the early stage of baldness when your front head is exposed due to lack of hair, or experiencing serious baldness with almost no hair on your head, a hairpiece would be of significant help.

hair system before and after

The appeal of rug is so overwhelming that it receives huge love from A-star celebrities also. Famous figures like Donald Trump, Ben Affleck, William Shatner, Ten Danson, etc. have been reported wearing a toupee.

Toupee Vs Wig

Many people often mistake a toupee with a wig due to their coincidence of design. Both of them are hairpieces to wear on our head, and they all have hair sticking on a base. It might be a lace, a monofilament, or a skin base.

So, what is the difference between a wig and a toupee?

The difference lies in the coverage area that they offer. Hair system, or a hair topper, often works to cover a specific area of baldness on your head, while wig offers total coverage. With wigs, you have to braid or cornrow your real hair to make it neat before attaching the wig on. With a topper hairpiece, you just stick it on your head, and your real hair still works as an integral part.

Furthermore, the wig might come with or without clips. In contrast, with a toupee, pressure-sensitive clips are of almost no use. People will attach it with glue or tape adhesives instead.

However, many of the times, the wig is used as the alternative name for men’s hairpiece. But still, they tend to say “men’s wig” or “wig for men” because most of the time, wigs are associated with women’s hairpiece.

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Advantages of wearing a toupee

Undoubtedly, to receive such huge interest, this hair enhancer must be amazing. Here are some easy-to-see benefits of wearing hair replacement systems:

It offers an instant solution to hair loss

Rather than paying thousands of dollar for hair transplant and still having to wait for months for the hair to grow, you can wrap yourself with refreshing voluminous hair with a hairpiece. Once you have picked the right size, color, density, etc., attach it on your head, and you’re done.

toupee is more affordable than hair transplant

It is affordable

The price for a hair replacement system is far lower than surgical hair replacement. While it costs thousands of US dollars for transplanting hair, you will need to pay less than 500 USD for a hair unit. In fact, it even doesn’t cost that much.

At hairsystem , the price for a human hair toupee fluctuates between $90 and $250.

It comes in various styles

There are a lot of types for you to choose such as curly, wavy, grey toupee, and so on. Aside from the ready-made hair piece, you can order a tailor-made unit to have it styled like what you desire.

The downside of a hair toupee

Everything has its drawbacks, and so does the hair system.

It might look unnatural

If lucks don’t hit you and you encounter a bad toupee, it might be easy for others to recognize you’re wearing fake hair. This situation occurs quite frequently with a synthetic toupee when the hair appears to be too shiny. It looks too perfect, thus being doubtful.

Therefore, it’s always better to opt for a real hair toupee instead.

toupee might give off an unpleasant odor

It might give off an unpleasant odor

This case is likely to happen with skin toupee. As it is airless and stifling, body oils might build up under the base. As a result, bacteria might grow, which means it is easy to give off an unpleasant smell.

Therefore, it is important to keep your scalp and hair always clean to minimize the possibility of producing an odor.

It requires frequent maintenance

Even though there are no medical risks or whatsoever, toupee needs taking meticulous attention. It is only able to maintain its natural-looking and healthy appearance when you take good care. Similar to your real hair, toupee need washing, drying, conditioning, and so on.

You will need to purchase more than once

Toupee hairpiece is not a one-time investment. Just so you know, a human hair unit can last for up to 3 months only (or up to 6 months for the most durable ones). In other words, you will have to buy a new one when the old piece is no longer usable.

Trump toupee flies off

Worries still exist

You might have read or seen some news relating to celebrities with their bad toupee experience, right? So here come the worries. Will your toupee fly off due to a strong wind, or when will anybody recognize you are wearing a toupee rug? Nobody could guarantee these things won’t happen, even with the top-notch hair pieces.

Types of hair toupee

The second thing to look at is the variations of toupee hair pieces. In other words, “What is the base of a toupee made of” is a must-answer question if you are about to pick a suitable piece for yourself.

Regarding the base types, you can divide it into 03 main categories: monofilament, lace, and skin base. There is no fixed answer to the question “what is the best base for a toupee” because each base would be suitable for different tastes.

Monofilament hairpieces

This is the most popular type of hair replacement systems for men. This offers the perfect balance between natural-looking appearance, comfort, and durability.

Monofilament toupee, often called as mono, is the conventional type of lace materials. It is indeed a fine mesh where the hair would be ventilated into.

Normally, a mono hair toupee will be the combination of monofilament and other materials such as PU skin or other types of lace (French, Swiss, etc.). This is to bring along the utmost convenience in attaching, wearing, and removing.

Skin hair systems

If you are searching for a hair system that blends seamlessly on your head, then a skin hair toupee is what you should opt for. It is extraordinarily thin (only 0.08 to 0.03 mm thick), and looks like your real scalp skin.

Skin toupee is undetectable, but it might be not really comfortable to wear if your skin is sensitive. It would not be a wise choice if you sweat a lot, also.

types of hair toupee

Lace toupee

For those opting for a durable and comfortable-to-wear hairpiece, lace toupee is ideal for you. So, what is a lace toupee? It is the new model of lace material, which is much thinner and more lightweight than monofilament lace. It boasts both breathability, durability, and comfortability.

Lace materials (French, Swiss, HD lace) sometimes are used as a part of a hairpiece. It might come with a mono base or a skin base to create the most flexible base construction.

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Which one is the right for you?

Aside from answering “what is a toupee“, you need to determine the toupee type you want. As there appears a wide array of hair toupee of different sizes, colors, and styles in the market, it would not be a piece of cake to pick a suitable one from the very first try. It’s not only as simple as asking Google “what is a hair toupee”. There are lots of things to take into consideration, namely the base size, the color, the style, and even more.

To find the best hair unit for your own, it is essential to define what is the base size for a toupee. In other words, you need to measure the exact size of your bald spots. To do this, you can use a measuring tape to record the result. The popular sizes are 6*8, 7*8, 8*10, 8*9 inches, etc.

A good hair toupee should have a matching color and style with your real hair. What we mean is, never choose a black system when your hair is grey or vice versa. Never take it easy, as the color shades are plentiful and it’s easy to get it wrong.

Wearers also need to care about the parting line, the hair density, the attachment and removing process, etc. There are quite a number of tasks to do, so keep calm and stay focused!

Final thoughts

Above are our quick summary of hair toupee and its related information. Now that you have been well acknowledged with the answer to the question “What is a toupee”, it’s time to find the best for your own.

If you still have no idea where to start, feel free to contact hairsystem to get support. Our experienced support team will get you covered with everything you need.

Take a look at our collection of top-notch human hair toupee or contact us directly via Admin@Hairsystem.net or (+84) 979 160 986 (Mobile/WhatsApp).

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