Top 10 Female Celebs That Wear Wigs

Today, wigs have become a must-have item of women around the world. It is more and more popular with an increasing number of wig wearers. All women, including female celebs, are big fans of this hair system. Instead of dying their own hair and change the style, women only choose to wear human hair wigs. In the entertainment industry, wigs are definitely not new. They are used in movies and music videos. Let’s check out the list of celebrity wigs below!

Kylie Jenner – the most famous celebrity with wigs

We can say that Kylie Jenner loves wigs than most people. Kylie loves dressing up. She has a collection with dozens of colorful wigs in a variety of shapes and lengths. Kylie said that she loved wearing wigs as it could transform her appearance quickly without damaging her natural hair. No dye and bleach hair, she still appears with beautiful hair that attracted everyone.

Follow her Instagram, you can easily find her hair in color. It is hard to find a color that the celeb has not tried, from black celebrity wigs to green, pink… All her wigs are created by Tokyo Stylez – her hairstylist and famous wigmaker. To make celebrity lace wigs, Tokyo has to imagine how the wig looks like and started creating.

kylie jenner with wig

Kylie wears all colored wigs whether we like her or not. The celebrity style wigs are the best concentrate of her fans in particular and other people in general. She reveals that she often wears wigs, go to events, selfies, etc.

For girls who fall in love with a beautiful and sexy style, don’t forget to try out a colorful wig. It will not disappoint you.

Katy Perry – this celebrity created a new definition for wigs on American Idol

When speaking of celebrity hair wigs, you can not miss out Katy Perry. She loves a good wig moment. Specifically, on this past season of “American Idol”, she let fans see her hair wig collection. She appeared with a new hairdo every week. Whether she was in a blonde pixie cut or an extra-long hairstyle, they always shined her beauty.

In 2017, Perry had fans wondering how she changed her hair quickly. In January 2017, she attended the Grammys with blonde locks and brown roots, but later she appeared in New York Fashion Week in a platinum bob hairstyle. How did she do to change her hairstyle in a short time? Many people believe that her fashion secret is believable celebrity wigs human hair.

katy perry with wigs

Her hairstylist Shon Hyungsun Ju reveals that Perry wants her unique wigs but they still look as natural as possible.

Hence, there is no strange that Perry experiments with some outrageous hairstyles. For a long time, the singer asked for the wig helps to reach different styles and appearances.

Lady Gaga and her anomalous hairpieces

The famous singer is an example of female celebrities who wear wigs all her life. Her silvery, platinum locks are coveted by fans worldwide.

It seems that every hour, every day, Gaga has a new hair wig in her head. Will she have platinum hair, yellow hair or blonde hair wig? You never know exactly. Gaga uses wigs as an accessory that provides her sense of security. In 2014, Gaga revealed that she experienced a difficult span of time. Explaining to her fans, she had to wear hair wigs and make-up to cover up the pain.

Lady Gaga wig

The “Telephone” singer also puts on wigs to suit her moods. She is known as her eccentric dress sense and wears different hair systems to reflect how she feels. In an interview in 2009, Gaga said she had more than 20 wigs. She could have a new hairstyle every day without going to hair salons. Wigs are chosen depending on her mood. And there is no doubt that Gaga loves celebrity wigs human hair.

Kim Kardashian is another fan of wigs

Like younger sister Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian is also a big fan of celebrity human hair wigs. Kim is a public artist of using head coverings, admitting that she has wig on her head. In thousands of pictures on the Internet, she has experimented with different types and colors of hair.

kim kardashian wig

Being the celebrities in Hollywood, it is no wonder that the “Kardashian family” is wearing wigs, either a full lace or a frontal one to switch up their look as often as inspire.

Kim experienced in all celebrity full lace wigs, she does not stop at just color. She tries with length, texture, and everything she could to dress up. We don’t know how the celeb surprises us the next time but we love her change. Kim is considered one of the female celebs leading the pack in extravagant hairstyles, and we hope to see more beautiful and colorful locks they try.

Angelina Jolie on her stunning wigs

Angelina Jolie wore several head coverings for her character in the film “Salt” in 2010. There is a rumor that the famous actress always wears wigs on the red carpet so that she appears in full and gorgeous hair.

angelina jolie wig

You can see the change of the celeb on the red carpet, events, etc. She updates plenty of hair colors, textures, and styles. Come with hair wigs, other accessories are used to get the natural look. Wearing wigs is a good way to minimize the damage to existing hair. Just like outfits, Angelina needs to have hair changes with every show. She does not want to appear with only one style, it is so boring.

Rihanna – “We found love” in wig!

We can’t miss out Rihanna when mentioning celebrity inspired wigs. She is able to change her hairstyle frequently by using wigs. There are many rumors that the “We Found Love” singer is experiencing severe hair loss due to her constant wearing wigs and weaves.

rihanna wig

It is hard to choose what is the best moment of Rihanna’s wigs. She experienced many wonderful wigs since she has worn this hairpiece. The girl maybe loves red color as she has many red-colored wigs. And the one she wore for her performance at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards is the best in her wig collection.

Zendaya – the big fan of dreadlock celebrity wigs

The next person on our celebrity weaves and wigs list are Zendaya. She is a wig enthusiast. She seems to have a lot of fun changing up her hair frequently. But we applaud her changes. She is willing to experience even if others give bad comments or backlash. We love the way she performs.

Zendaya with her dreadlock wigs

In the 2015 Kids Choice Awards, she wore a short bob. Many audiences expressed their dislike of her hair wig. But the actress was calm down and post a video on her Instagram telling everyone should not comment about her wig. She said this bob was so fun and stylish.

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Sia – the odd celebrity that wears wigs

Often, celebrities wear head coverings to switch up their hairstyles and look. Besides that, the wigs can keep their natural hair from damage and shedding caused by over styling. However, when it comes to Sia, people think about bad celebrity wigs. She is known for debuting with a shoulder-length black and blonde wig. Her oversized and eccentric wig covers her face that makes her identity from the public. The singer explains to her fans that she uses wigs for her private reason.

sia with wig

Sia started hiding her face by wigs and bows after working as a solo singer. By 2010, she released 5 studio albums. And then she decided to stop performing and only work as a songwriter. She said she didn’t want to be famous or recognizable.

Beyonce – the queen of wigs

Is Beyonce’s hair real? In fact, Beyonce always wears celebrity lace front wigs and related things. She is also called the queen of wigs. Like other artists, she uses wigs to change her look constantly. The American singer’s favorite look is blonde hair. Her colorist Rita Hazan said with Glamour that Beyonce changes her hair color wig every 3 weeks.

Beyounce wearing wig

Beyonce’s real hair is curly afro, but she loves to have long and straight hair that looks amazing. Hence she wears wigs to achieve a beautiful look. She prefers lace front wigs as they bring her natural hairline and more realistic look. With careful care and top-notch wig, Beyonce’s hair looks shiny at any time and anywhere. She knows how to utilize wigs to reach and maintain the image she hopes.

Dolly Parton – an old celebrity with wigs

You know the young Hollywood stars use wigs since it offers the flexibility to create new looks in the red carpet. And the 73 years-old singer Dolly Parton is the same. She also revealed that her signature blonde hair is not real, it is fake. Wigs role an important role in her life and career. She began wearing wigs because her natural hair was damaged by dyeing and teasing hair excessively. Dolly chose wigs as it is the fastest and easiest way to conceal her hair problems. She said that with wigs, every day is a good hair day.

dolly parton wig

Celebrity wigs! That is the not-so-big secret. Hope that after this post, you will know more about wigs celebrity wear in the world. We think that the female celebrities wear hairpieces to have a perfect appearance when appearing and to please fans.

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