Kylie Jenner With Her Stunning Wigs

Not only famous for fashion style, but Kylie Jenner is also known as the celebrity that wear wigs quite often. Follow her Instagram, you will not be overwhelmed by the speed of changing her hairstyle. Yesterday her hair was yellow, but today it turned purple. She had short hair the day before, but it is long the next day.

Why? The reason is that all of her hair was not her real hair, they are wigs. She revealed that she often wears wigs, go to events, selfies… and she owns a collection with dozens of wigs of different colors, styles, and lengths. Read on to learn about Kylie Jenner wigs and what she talks about wigs.

Who Is Kylie Jenner?

Before finding Kylie Jenner hair wig, you should know who she is. This may not be a strange name for fashion followers around the world. Yes, Kylie Jenner is an American media personality, model, and businessman. Before being famous as the youngest billionaire in the world, Kylie Jenner was famous in the US as the youngest member of the “Kardashian family”, including Kimberly Kardashian.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie is a famous person and a business-minded girl. Taking advantage of her influence on social networks, she started her business very early. She sold cosmetics products, from nail polish to shoes, bags, and accessories. In 2015, at the age of 18, she set up Kylie Cosmetics and mainly selling online.

She becomes the idol of young girls. Her Instagram has more than 145 million followers, besides famous names like Justin Bieber, CR7…

Why she like wearing wigs?

Does Kylie Jenner use wigs? Yes, she said that she thought she was a wig girl. She loves human hair wigs as they are super easy to use. She wants to transform her appearance quickly without dying, bleaching her natural hair too much. Because she knows harsh chemicals on hair dyes will damage the hair.

kylie jenner with wig

Kylie Jenner shows her wig collection many times. In 2015, she made fans surprised showing off her hair collection in a video tour of her room. From blonde to blue color wigs, it is clear Kylie is a big fan of wigs and always changing her hairstyle.

What Kylie Jenner talks about her wigs? The star explains that she wore the wig on the red carpet or events.

Wigs Kylie Jenner Collection

Over the years, Kylie Jenner has grown more fond of colorful wigs. If you follow her Instagram, you can easily find her hair in color. It is hard to find a color that Kylie has not tried. Over a few months, she wore wigs with green, blue or highlighted yellow. Her hairstyle is the best concentrate of her fans in particular and other people in general. Therefore, we will review some popular hair in Kylie Jenner wigs collection.

Kylie Jenner blue wigs

As one of the leading artists wearing wigs, Kylie is not afraid to try colorful wigs. She always updates the latest fashion trends to change her images. Most recently, she appeared with a blue wig at a party after taking part in Met Gala 2019. Who said the blue color is only for clothes? Look at Kylie Jenner, she is outstanding, beautiful, and sexier with this hairstyle. Moreover, Kylie Jenner blue wig expresses her personality and lightens the skin effectively.

Kylie Jenner blonde wig

The image of Kylie Jenner blonde hair wig was posted on Instagram in 2017. She looked sophisticated and rich. She wore the wig to promote her Kylie Cosmetics products. It was styled straight in a bob.

kylie jenner pink wig

Kylie Jenner pink wig

Like many artists, Kylie is also a fan of pink-colored hair. From light pink wig to hot pink wig, she has tried wearing. If you see her hair is light-pink in 2017, it is in a hot pink colored wig in 2018. She wore long and straight hair texture, like a mermaid in fairy tales.

Kylie Jenner pastel wig

Her stylist Chris Appleton shared that Kylie Jenner only spent $16 on her pastel pink hair. It’s amazing. Chris said that he dyed the hair to make make a “super soft frosted pink”. The product he used was completely safe, with no harsh chemicals or bleach, so it does not damage the hair.

If you love changing your hair color as often as Jenner, don’t worry. Search the way her hairstylist did and follow step-by-step.

More celebrity wig news:

Kylie Jenner green wig

Are you jealous of Kylie? She used to wear an emerald-green lob at a Kylie Cosmetics lip kit launch party in 2015. Her hairstylist – Tokyo Stylez said that the wig color that Kylie wore was actually called “Green Envy” from the hair color company Manic Panic. The star also used to wear a green full lace wig for Sugar Factory.

Kylie Jenner bob wig

This hairstyle is suitable for costume parties and events. The celebrity is outstanding and extremely attractive to friends and relatives.

Kylie Jenner bob wig

Where Kylie Jenner Buys Her Wigs?

Tokyo Stylez is her hairstylist and wig designer. All Kylie Jenner inspired wigs are made by him. He said he started creating wigs for cancer patients as he wants to help them feel good about themselves and give them confidence. Fortunately, he had the chance to work with celebrities later. His first celeb client was Tamar Braxton. But it was until he cooperated with Kylie Jenner, his career was to blossom. He works as a wigmaker.

In an interview before, Tokyo Stylez told of his celebrity client “Kylie is amazing, very down to earth”. Explaining the cooperation between him and Kylie, he said that the star sent him her head measuring results. To make Kylie Jenner trendy wigs, everything he had to do was imagine how the wig looks like and started creating.

The wigmaker praised “Kylie is a humbling person. She is very particular and she shares to me exactly how she wanted it. One thing about her is she knows what she wants.”

If you wonder “where does Kylie Jenner get her wigs from?”, you have the answer now.

The bottom line

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