12 Male Celebs With Toupee

There are plenty of famous figures wear hairpieces today. They wear toupees for different purposes like for a movie role or to conceal their baldness. You wonder who they are. Here is a celebrity toupee list that may surprise you.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is one of the American actors almost everyone loves, so his personal information is also interesting. The American actor has many rumors related to his hair. Men said that he wears toupees most of his time, both for his acting jobs and public appearances.

Charlie Sheen hair toupee

You would recognize the difference of the actor’s hair on each picture, it may be the before and after images of celebrity hair toupee. Sometimes he appeared with perfect look, thick hair. But in other pictures, his hair is very thin. The baldness is really clearly marked. Even surgeons used to claim the actor is bald. He seems to like wearing small hairpieces instead of getting a hair transplant.

Whether Charlie Sheen wears a toupee or not, he would forever in the heart of millions of fans. Most of his fans love him because of his roles, not his hair, lifestyle or his clothes.

Ben Affleck

Does Ben Affleck suffer from baldness? There have been reports about his baldness but he always maintains that he does not have hair loss problems and no wear hairpieces. His fans said that this is a normal thing with a man in his late 40s.

Ben Affleck with toupee

However, you can see that many photos revealed baldness on the back of his head. This is considered a clear indication that the male actor was balding. Therefore, to get a perfect look when appearing in public, the famous actor has to ask for the help of a hairpiece to cover up a bald patch.

You can compare pictures of his hair before and after, the clear difference you will realize is that his hair is dark and thick. Today, he has a beautiful and thicker hair with a natural-looking hairline.

Jon Cryer

Jon Cryer is one of the few celebrities to admit that he has baldness. He claimed that he only has “four or five hairs” on his head. For most roles and public appearances before, he wore fake hair. Many experts also said that he had to use a mono toupee or other types of the wig to cover his hair problems.

Jon Cryer toupee

However, he said that wearing a hairpiece can present a number of problems for him. For example, gusts can dislodge the toupee. The bad toupee celebrity images cause embarrassment for them. Hence, for the better method, now he chooses hair loss treatment that encourages his natural regrowth in bald patches. In this way, the bald patches on his head can be filled, creating a more natural appearance. He says that he is not afraid of the winds and rain now.

Elton John

The British singer-songwriter Elton John is one of the celebrity toupee wearers. He often appears on the stage with spectacular glasses and totally bald underneath his hairpiece. Moreover, his photographs on the Internet is the evidence showing that he had baldness throughout his career.

Elton John baldness

He said that his unhealthy lifestyle was the main factor causing hair loss problems and baldness. Before the 1990s, the musician was a self-confessed former alcoholic and ex-cocaine user. Many studies show that using cocaine is a cause of Telogen Effluvium, a hair loss condition that causes hair to stop growing temporarily. Poor dietary accelerate hair loss through male pattern balding, called alopecia.

Additionally, the family history also affects on his hair. His mum told him to enjoy his hair while he could as she is aware of the strong baldness gene in his family. When Elton John was 20, his head is baldness.

Jude Law

Jude Law toupee

The next celebrity who wear toupee on the list is an English actor – Jude Law. In 2013, he appeared with a short crop of hair receding at the front and sides and then he has “full hair” head in 2014. The change of his hair made many people think that he was bald and wore a hairpiece to conceal. However, the actor has not spoken publicly about whether or not he has his own hair.

John Travolta

Hollywood legend John Travolta is a multi-talented American artist. He is a famous actor, film producer, dancer, and singer. He is best known for his iconic roles in Welcome Back, Grease, Pulp Fiction, and so on.

John Travolta never admits he’s wearing a toupee

Although he always has full hair when in front of the cameras, there were still moments that the journalist caught the celebrity without his toupee. But he has never admitted wearing a toupee.  Whether he wears a hairpiece or not, we do know that he looks great for his age.

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage is well-known as a talented actor and filmmaker. But in many interviews, he is often asked about his thoughts about the ongoing debate over his hair. Men say that Nic could be wearing a toupee when going out and he claimed he doesn’t wear it. He confirmed only wear wigs for film characters.

Nicolas Cage with his hairpiece

However, in some pictures, he has grown a sizeable bald patch at the back of his head. There are even rumors that he had a hair transplant in 2011. But rumors still remain rumors as no one confirms it.

Gene Simmons

The 70 years-old man wears the hair system on and off the stage for decades. In 2017, the musician shared a photo in which he wore a prison jumpsuit and completely bald.

Gene Simmons

Wearing a hair toupee change up the singer’s look quickly. From completely bald, he has got plenty of hair on top of his head. Moreover, wearing a toupee helps him look younger than his age.

Jason Alexander

An American actor Jason Alexander started losing his hair when he was very young, maybe 17 years old. However, he feels baldness is his lucky, it is truly useful for his acting career. He investigates for hairpieces to suit his filming characters.

Jason Alexander never hides he’s using a hairpiece

He is one of the few celebrities who never try to hide the fact that he is wearing a toupee. Jason said that wearing a hairpiece help him regain confidence. He used to show off his baldness when taking part in an event in 2014.

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Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner is also listed on the male celebrity toupee list as he once had noticeable balding hair back in 2006. And in early 2007, he appeared with a much fuller head of hair raising questions. It is suspected that he wore a hair system to conceal his baldness. While others said that he had a successful surgeon that kept the same hairline intact. All they did was to transplant strands of hair to the bald areas of his scalp where it was thinning.

Kevin Costner

You can see the difference in his hair before and after wearing a hairpiece. Now he has fuller hair! He did a great job achieving a realistic look.

Brendan Fraser

Brendan Fraser is an American-Canadian actor and he was once one of the very popular performers in the early 1990s. At the 50 of his age, he also has baldness like all men. He seems to have lost a lot of the hair on the top of his head.

Brendan Fraser

In fact, there are many pictures show that Brendan Fraser had the signs of a balding crown in his 30 years-old. There is a rumor that his alopecia was caused by hair replacement systems he wore for his film characters. The famous actor has tried to hide his hair loss problem by wearing a hair toupee.

Jeremy Piven

Years ago, many audiences were impressed with Jeremy Piven as he had a signature look that included an obvious balding head. But after the success of his role Ari Gold in the television show Entourage, he has changed and his hair is also different. If you are a big fan of the comedic actor, you can see the difference of his locks. We can be sure that he did something to cover up the bald spots on his head.

Jeremy Piven

Some people claimed that he wears a hairpiece to get a perfect look while others think he had a hair transplant. No matter what he did with his hair, he succeeded to cover the bald spots. He now gets new hair with a realistic look.

Hope that after this post, you will know more about celebrity toupee in the world. We think that the male celebrities wear hairpieces to have a perfect appearance when appearing and to please fans.

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