Hair baldness is an inevitable part of many people’s lives. But it is a big problem with many male celebrities because their appearances are very important. They would like to have a perfect image in front of cameras, so they have to ask for the help of professional stylists and magical items such as hair systems. However, not all celebrities toupee look gorgeous. In this post, we will find out a famous person’s hair – William Shatner toupee

William Shatner

His life and Career

William Shatner is a Canadian multi-talented artist. He is best known for an actor, producer, director, author, and singer. He is considered an icon for his portrayal of Captain James on “Star Trek”. Mr. Shatner has worked in television throughout his life, over 7 decades.

As a television star, his talent is widely appreciated. His performance also brings plenty of awards and nominations. In 1983, 1985, and 1987, he won the Saturn Award for Best Actor in series for his work on Star Trek II, III, IV. In 2004, William Shatner was awarded the Emmy Award with his film character on “The Practice”. Many people said that 2005 was the successful year for William Shatner’s career. At that time, he won Golden Globe Award and the second Emmy Award. Additionally, he also won other accolades such as Streamy Awards, Governor General’s Awards, and so on.

William Shatner in Star Trek

As a successful writer, he is the author of 9 Star Trek novels that describing his experiences when becoming a part of a series Star Trek. And 2 of them were the New York Times bestsellers at that time. He also has science fiction novels that were adapted for films on television.

If you are a fan of “Captain James”, you may know he had a hard time financially after divorce. He used to live in a truck. The unhappy marriage made him depressed, he lost his job and fell into financial hardship. Later, after rebuilding his career, William Shatner was still obsessed when remembering the past.

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Now, William Shatner is 88 years old, he is still loved by audiences. He has had a long career in the entertainment industry and many other areas.

William Shatner – a millionaire

As of 2019, his net worth is $150 million. He is one of the celebrities who are active in commercial investment. He used to work as a spokesperson for Priceline – an Internet travel site in 1997. Instead of receiving his salary, he negotiated to buy the company’s stock. And that decision helped him earn more than $600 million in 2010.

Does William Shatner actually wear a toupee?

William Shatner with toupee

For many years, I have heard rumors that William Shatner wears a toupee hairpiece since he played Captain James T. Kirk in a “Star Trek” series. At that time, he had a thin hair with an auburn tone. When he played a veteran police sergeant in T.J. Hooker, he had dark curly hair. Many people commented his hairpiece was more beautiful and fit his face, he might pay a good of money to get it. Over the years, the celeb’s hair is going to be better. So does William Shatner wear a toupee? It is not sure to say but the celeb’s hair is going to be better over the years. It is said that he paid $25,000 dollar to get a toupee.

When did William Shatner start wearing a toupee?

There are many records proving that Mr. Shatner was balding when he was very young, at age 9. And he started wearing a hair system from Pierre LaTour’s – a handmade wigs and toupees company in Montreal, Canada. LaTour’s is a hair company that specially made wigs for children who had lost their hair. You are wondering “how long has William Shatner worn a toupee?” my answer is over 70 years. In his 80-year-old birthday party, many netizens were excited about the comment “Happy birthday 80th William Shatner and Happy 70th birthday to your hair!”

William Shatner has worn toupee for more than 70 years

According to his colleagues, Mr. Shatner’s hairpieces are changed over the years. He had a normal mono toupee in his childhood years. When he became an actor, he wore a high-class toupee so no one can detect that he wore a hairpiece. His hair has become better as he cares a lot about his look when appearing in public. Now we think you can answer the question “Did William Shatner wear a toupee?”


William Shatner Without Toupee

It seems that he is a very careful person, always appearing with a cool look. The toupee can be his best friend both in daily life and his work. It is hard to find images of William Shatner without his toupee or William Shatner caught without toupee. Has anyone seen William Shatner without toupee? Maybe his stylist and relatives see.

Depending on which site you read, they might say either Mr. Shatner has hairpieces all his life or he has never worn wigs. Some publications said he only had thinning hair on the top, but he says no with wearing a toupee. But in fact, he has baldness so he has to ask for the hairpiece’s help.

William Shatner without toupee

All In All

The above is the information of William Shatner toupee we provide. Whether he wears a toupee or not, his fans always love him. Why he wears hair wigs, it is because he wants to have the best images and devote to the entertainment industry more.

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