Today’s hair toupees are designed to look more natural and be safe to wear. People can not tell you are wearing a wig or not as it offers a realistic look. However, you should know how to wear a toupee in order to blend it in your natural hair perfectly.
In statistics, male pattern baldness affects about 50 million men across the United States. For some people, baldness is not a problem, but for most, it affects men’s psychology and health. For example, many people are not confident when appearing with bald heads to partners or customers. Therefore, wearing a toupee is the best and fastest way to conceal your baldness.

How To Attach A Toupee

Wearing a toupee needs your carefulness. You should practice a few times before the official. Or you can visit a hair salon and the professional will help you attach a toupee.
Let’s learn how to wear a toupee naturally and undetectably.

With tape

Step 1: Use a wet towel and wipe your own scalp clear to make an oil-free. Doing like this also removes any adhesive residue on the scalp. Make sure that your natural hair and scalp clean. You can wash your hair and then dry completely.

Step 2: Apply a layer of a waterproof sealant before wearing a toupee. It is so good if you have a scalp protector. Leave it dry.

attach hair toupee with tape adhesive

Step 3: Turn your toupee inside out and lay it on a stand or mannequin head. You should not lay it on the surface flat because it can make your toupee not shape well on your scalp when wearing. Use a brush and gently remove any knots.

Step 4: Apply the tape to the hair replacement system. Choose double-sized tapes that allow one side to stick the scalp and the other to stick the wiglet. Please attach the tape close to the outer edge of the toupee, just follow the contour. Be careful, not to let that touch the hair because it can cause tangling. Keep doing until you have a toupee with full tape.

Step 5: Put the wiglet onto your head. Gently pull the unit down each side. You lightly stick that down at the front, then apply the back. Firm lightly to the hairpiece and push the tape down on your real scalp. Get your fingers and rub it in the tape. Make sure that it is stuck.

With glue

Aside from using tape, you can also use liquid adhesive or glue to wear your lace toupee on.

There are many types of glue in the market. But you should consider carefully, opt the best quality adhesive that does not irritate your skin. The adhesive will be used basically for the day or just a couple of days.

So, how to wear a toupee with liquid adhesive?

attach hair toupee with glue adhesive

Similar to the tape, you should have a clean scalp before wearing a toupee with glue. You have to know right where the hairpiece line is going to be and paint a thin line of the adhesive. Then spread it out of where the toupee is going to sit.

Once you have done, you look for where the glue is and then press it into your scalp. Leave it dry completely before brushing and styling the hairpiece.

How to remove a toupee

Tape and glue adhesive are used to keep your toupee in the right place. If you want to take it off, you should use a remover to keep your hair from damaging.

At the end of the day, you can remove the toupee to let your scalp breath. Spray the remover to the place where you use tape, leave 1-2 minutes so that the bond is released. Use your fingers peel the toupee off your real scalp.

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Human Hair Toupee Care

Now that you have known how to wear a toupee, hairsystem would like to share with you some tips for real human hair toupee care. With styling, your real hairpiece can be trimmed and styled with low heating tools as you desired.

– Keep your hair system tangle-free before washing. Use a comb and gently detangle any knots in your hair system. Start working at the tips and then go up to the root.

keep your hairpiece tangle-free

– Use good hair care products (shampoo, conditioner): Like your bio hair, human hair toupee need to be taken care of carefully. Wash your hair with cold or lukewarm water and don’t rub the hair as it can cause serious tangling problems. After washing, use the conditioner to moisturize the wiglet. Remember to apply a small amount of conditioner from the middle to the tip of the wig, don’t apply to the root. Then continue rinsing hair with water until it clean. Use a dry towel to press out excess water and leave it air dry. Do not twist or wring since it can damage your own hair and the wiglet.

– Heat styling tools: It is better if you use the non-heating method to style your hair toupee. If you use a hairdryer, flat iron or curling iron, please let it on the low or medium heating level. When you use a blowdryer to dry the hair, don’t blow it completely dry as it causes hair matting.

– Don’t brush your wiglet when it is wet. This will stretch and damage the hair of the toupee.
– Store your wig if you do not wear: If you want to reuse the hair toupee, put the hair on a stand when you do not go out. Doing like this can keep your hair in good shape and the best condition.

store your toupee properly when not using

We recommend going to a hair salon and ask for professional help. Cutting or chemical processing such as coloring, perming, bleaching, and so on. A hairstylist will provide the best result.

The Bottom Line

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