Attaching Your Hair System

Attaching Hair System

Just like there is more than one best solution for hairloss, there are many way to attach your hair system, depending on the type of base you use. We are including our recommended method for attaching your system for bases with no lace, a lace front or full lace.


1. If you wear a regular base with no lace, apply scalp protector to the area of your head where you’ll use adhesive. The scalp protector will form a shield between your scalp and the adhesive, preventing perspiration or oil from breaking down the adhesive bond.


2. Apply tape on the perimeter of the system, as shown.




 3. Use positioning spray on the areas where the tape will make contact with your scalp. Positioning spray will cause your adhesive to take a little longer to set, giving you extra time to perfectly position your hair system. The more you apply, the longer the time to set.


4. Remove the backing from the tape on the front-hairline area of your unit. Place the hair system on your head and adjust the front hairline to the proper position.



 5. Remove the backing from the tape on the rest of your unit.




 6. Press the hair system into place and smooth it down.

 7. Secure the unit by pressing down with a brush.

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