3 Doubts About Human Hair Bundles You Need To Clarify

Hairsystem understands that women like beauty. They always want to be excellent in the other’s eyes, in front of the crowd. Fortunately, nowadays there are many solutions to make a person become more beautiful. A set of human hair bundles can help you change up your natural locks in a perfect way.

Human hair bundles are a set of hairpieces that are sleek, high-quality and offer a realistic look. Over time, they can retain their original shape and may not be tangled or frizzy. So now dig into our blog post to answer the questions “What are hair bundles?” and “Where to buy cheap bundles?”

What Are Hair Bundles?

Different from clip-in or tape-in hair extensions, hair bundles come without any attachment method. So you can attach the unit on your own. Or you can ask for professional help so that they create a hairstyle that fits your desire. The trained stylist will put the hair in bundles in by creating a weave.

bulk hair

Hair bundles take more time to attach but they do require less maintenance. The price of these units is affordable, everyone can get them. Virgin human hair bundles come with different textures such as straight, wet and wavy or curly hair. If you want to look cool, you can try wearing braids in bundles of human hair.

For example, Brazillian human hair bundles are a popular type of hair extension that is widely used around the world. The natural texture of this hair blends with most hair types, whether your hair is straight or curly, smooth or coarse. They offer the extension wearers a beautiful and thick hairstyle, regardless of natural hair textures.

At Hairsystem , we use Cambodian and Vietnamese hair bundles to make wigs for women and toupees for men.

Application of Human Hair Bundles

Protect natural hair

You can use 100 human hair bundles with closure to prevent your hair from dust, sunlight, and so on. Lace closure will cover your natural locks, offering a protection layer. Besides, it also keeps your hair from styling chemicals that can make your hair dry quickly. Your existing hair will have no chance to get brittle or damaged.

hair bundles are used to make extensions, dreadlocks, and wigs

Add more hair to make dreadlocks

You want to style your hair in dreadlock but you have thin hair. What would you do? Sew the hair in the hair bundles in weft and then add to your natural hair. 3 bundles human hair is enough. You also buy human hair bundles for braiding to design an impressive style.

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Hair Grading System

Most customers who are looking to buy bundles of human hair have some questions that “What grade is my hair?” In fact, the hair grading system is decided by the manufacturers that supply hair.

Not only reflect the hair quality, but the grade of a set of hair extensions also reflect the hair length as well. But for many extension wearers, it has been really confusing. To solve customers’ inquiries, many wholesale human hair bundles have come up with a hair grade chart to determine the quality and length of the hair.

human hair quality

In the market, not all hair is good-quality, some hair is in a lower quality. Lower and medium-grade hair such as 3A, 4A or 5A is usually sold in the local beauty store. You should consider carefully before buying these human hair weaves. As the hair tends to be in poor quality and is easily tangle and shed. However, if you insist on buying a lower grade of hair, you should buy unprocessed human hair bulks in shorter lengths, no longer than 12”. If you cared the hair well, it could last about four weeks.

Let’s find out some higher grade hair so that you can buy suitable and best human hair bundles for your hairpiece.

6A grade hair

This is a common option as its price is friendly. It is a better hair grade that works well with straight bundles of hair. It is good is you choose bundles from 12 to 18” in length and you can reuse them. Maintain and take care of them so that it lasts longer, can last up to 6-8 months.

remy human hair 6A

6A grade Remy hair bundles are raw hair and all cuticles go in one direction. The hair thickness is medium, and you can dye it in the medium blonde shade. Let your hairstylist color the extension so that you can reach the best result.

However, if you want curly human hair weave bundles or the hair unit that is longer than 18”, opt for higher hair grade.

7A & 8A grade hair

Just like 6A grade, 7A and 8A grade is also a high-quality human hair. What is 7A grade hair? It is often referred to as double drawn hair. Anyone who desires a hair length over 18 inches should purchase this unit. The hair will shed and mat much less and can be dyed on your own. You can color it to light shade such as platinum blonde without affecting the hair quality. Also, it lasts up to a year. If you desire long body wave hair bundles, 7A will work fine.

double drawn 7A hair

8A grade is 100 virgin hair that is pure and collected from only one donor. The hair is chemically unprocessed and has all cuticles intact. The price and quality of grade 8A virgin hair are high, so its lifetime is from a year and more. You need 8A grade or higher such as kinky human hair bundles to create deep curly or kinky curly extensions.

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9A & 10A grade hair

Two grades of hair are considered the luxury grade, so they are expensive. But it is well worth to invest due to the great quality. With double stitching, 9A grade hair is no shedding, no tangling. They are perfect for your wigs and hair extensions. Theoretically, you can dye the hair in these hair grades to a white color.

best virgin human hair 10A

What is the best grade of hair extensions? 10A grade is the highest quality of hair that you can find in the market. 100 human virgin hair with thick ends and strong texture. Moreover, grade 10A human hair weft bundles does not require much maintenance.

Hairsystem’ Hair: Cambodian & Vietnamese Hair

The number of human hair suppliers that sell real human hair bundles, but finding a reputable one is never a piece of cake. Many wearers purchase human hair bundles on Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, etc.

hairpieces made from human hair bundles at Hairsystem

As a human hair vendor with all hair harvested from Vietnamese and Cambodian ladies, Hairsystem takes pride in being a leading hair manufacturer in Vietnam and Asia. Our hair is 6A grade and higher, so we have top-notch strands of hair. If you are seeking a seller to buy cheap human hair weave with closure, frontal or lace frontal for your own, come to Hairsystem. You would like blonde human hair bundles, opt for high-grade hair such as wholesale grade 8A virgin hair from our company and dye it. It is easy to reach the color you hope.

We are confident that we could bring you a satisfying experience when wearing our hair systems. Affordable human hair bundles for sale are available. Let’s take a look at our product line to see how we do that. You will have chances to buy our human hair wholesale at friendly prices.

Feel free to drop us a line at any time if you want to know more about our human hair bundles or other products. Don’t hesitate to raise your voice.

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