Remy Human Hair Wigs: 5 Reasons To Fall In Love!

Are you not familiar with terms like “Remy human hair wigs”? Their hair is harvestable from healthy donors. The hair cuticles are alive. Similar to your bio hair, they look and feel smooth, soft. Their flexibility is no joke.

As a result of the strict process of creating them, they are considered one of the highest-quality hair units in the current market. In this post, we will be specific about their specific benefits. We also suggest where to buy the best hairpieces at a reasonable price.

Why invest in Remy human hair wigs?

Premium quality with full cuticle retained

There are a lot of reasons for your choice of Remy human hair units. To start, we will talk about their quality. It is far better than synthetic or non-Remy ones. They give a realistic look; your curls will be beautifully shiny. They are easy to manage.

And unlike some other types, they will not tangle. The quality results from the process the suppliers gather and keep the kind of hair. The way people collect it is generally different from what they do with others. Of course, it is only when you brush and wash it the right way. As full cuticles are preserved, you need to follow a downward direction when brushing it. If you scrub the hair, then do not blame anyone for that tangled and knotted hair.

Remy hair has all cuticles going in the same direction

Particularly, what is the process? The manufacturers keep the cuticles intact, aside from remaining their original alignment. They collect Remy 100 human hair directly from the donors. Then, they bundle it as soon as possible for the cuticles to flow in one direction. That is why it does not lose the smoothness. It is also manageable for a genuinely long time. Do you wash your hair frequently? Even so, the manageability stays just about the same, according to the reviews.

Variety of choices

For another advantage of using Remy human hair wigs, there are different types for you to choose. After all, it is a matter of your needs and preferences. Double and single drawn kinds have to do with how long strands are. By non-virgin and virgin, we mean the hair’s original state.

Single-drawn ones are from one donor, but the suppliers do not sort them. Thus, the lengths of their strands are varying. Differently, double-drawn ones have strands with the same length since they experience a systematic arrangement in groups beforehand. Between these two, the cost of the latter is usually higher as it takes plenty of time to sort the tresses.

single drawn vs double drawn vs super double drawn

It is not processed

It is important to note that not all lace front, full lace Remy hair wigs are virgin hair ones. The hair could have gone through chemical procedures while still being on the head of the donor. Nevertheless, whether it is virgin or not, it does not undergo such treatment after the manufacturer cuts it from the heads of those who donate it and creates the wigs. Remy virgin hair pieces are thus more pricey than the non-virgin ones.

It is versatile to change colors or styles

Because they can be treated, sticking to one hairstyle or color is not necessary. Do you desire a drastic change in color? Do you want to give it a perm? Or wish to straighten it? Make it short? Have the wig with bangs? These hairstyle enhancers can withstand thermal styling processes similar to your real hair. Plus, you can tie them in a ponytail and cut them for the maintenance of the cuticle direction and natural pattern.

Remy human hair wigs can last longer

Remy human hair wigs are durable

Any other perks of wearing Remy human hair wigs? They have higher strength than others and will be durable. Each piece has skillful and meticulous construction, which ensures that you will get a worthy unit. They are likely to last around five months with appropriate maintenance.

All in all, these hairpieces come with excellent characteristics. Their cuticles are alive and remain running in the same direction. They will diminish any tangling problems throughout their lifetime. Styling them is effortless. The quality is higher than synthetic ones and the like. With this type of hair system, you will become more confident anytime and anywhere.

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Hairsystem – A reliable place to buy real Remy human hair units

The number of hair systems in the current market may be overwhelming. When you desire to transform your appearance, you should count on the quality wigs.

Hairsystem is a leading hair replacement system supplier, doing our best to help you overcome your hair concerns. We pour out our hearts in supporting those who are suffering from hair loss or thinning hair to regain their confidence. You know, everyone deserves to be beautiful. Our hairpieces are also fantastic for anyone who wants to use them to try out different styles or so.

our hair systems are made from 100% Remy human hair

The material we rely on to make a hair system is 100 Remy human hair. They do not experience any chemical processing; we collect the hair possibly most carefully and take the best care. Both Cambodian and Vietnamese hair are superior-quality, smooth, and durable. It is because the diet and habits of the women there are healthy.

As a result of these characteristics, they can last up to 12 months. Besides, they blend seamlessly with your natural hair. Also, after we gather them, the cuticles stay intact and run in the direction that is similar to the bio strands. They are suitable for anyone, including African Americans.

you can dye, bleach, or style the hairpiece freely

They have high flexibility. Hence, you can wash, perm, color, or bleach them as you desire. Enjoy the style you are always after without having to worry about any severe impacts on your real locks. With our wholesale and retail products at a favorable price, you will become confident again, we promise!

The bottom line

With the above information, we hope you have a deeper understanding of Remy human hair wigs. Then you can choose the right unit for your special demand.

Hairsystem have been hugely popular in the hair market. We can be one of your most trustworthy vendors that will most positively change your look. Do not hesitate to visit our website for your favorite item.

For any more information, contact Hairsystem directly via our WhatsApp. Our experienced staff will get back to you as quickly as possible. You will then find your best fit with the most ease. Happy shopping!

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