Remy Human Hair: These Facts & Numbers Are Real

You may not be strange with the term “Remy human hair”. It essentially refers to the hair characteristics, origin as well as methods used to create hairpieces (wigs, toupees, toppers, extensions, etc.). The hair is harvested from healthy donors and all cuticles of the hair are alive. Just like your natural hair, it is so soft, smooth, and flexible as well.

What Is Remy Hair?

First entering the world of hair systems, you might be confused by the wide ranges of terminologies that exist. The first thing that everyone may know about is the type of hair: human hair and synthetic. The first one refers to the real hair collecting from human, while the latter is just artificial fibers only.

Notably, talking about human hair, there are again different terms to differentiate. You might hear a lot about Remy, Non-Remy, Virgin, Raw hair, etc. quite frequently. However, have you got an idea about what they exactly are?

Down below, Hairsystem will break down the meaning of these kinds of hair and mention what these names reflect.

Remy hair

This type of hair is high-quality among human hairs because all cuticles are running in one direction. Keep the hairs’ cuticles intact and run in the same direction creates extensions that are completely natural like your bio hair. Besides, it can preserve hair softness and smoothness. It can also eliminate tangling problems throughout its lifetime.

Remy human hair

Remy human hair extensions and wigs are created by using only the finest quality of Remy human hair. This hair is sorted and preserved carefully after collecting it from healthy donors. All hair strands stay aligned in the natural direction when being collected. For example, you can tie the hair in a ponytail, hold, and cut the hair to maintain the natural pattern and cuticle direction.

Remy hair is lightly processed. Typically, Remy hair extensions can last up to 3-6 months with proper maintenance. Search for Remy human hair extensions reviews to know more about this finest hair type.

Some attributes of Remy human hair to wrap yourself with:

– Cuticles are alive and kept running in one direction

– Minimize the tangling problem in its lifetime

– Easy to style

– Require a longer time to take care of

– More high-quality than Non-Remy and synthetic hair

Remy hair fits to create many types of extensions and wigs. Virgin Remy human hair helps you feel more confident at any time and anywhere. We believe that it will give the users the best feeling by its quality level.

Non-Remy hair

Non-Remy hair is a type of real hair but it is collected in a different method. The hair is from multiple sources that have fallen on the floor or in hair salons. Consequently, in contrast to Remy hair, the cuticles of these strands are in opposite directions and the hair tends to be easily tangled. This hair is available and very popular in the market as it is cheap.

non-remy hair


– Thin at the ends

– Contain low-quality hair such as split ends

– Easy to be tangle and shedding

– Cheap price

– Last for a few weeks to a month

Remy vs Non Remy hair, which one is better?

Both of them are human hair, but we recommend using Remy hair. It looks healthier, soft and natural. Regarding lifetime, Non-Remy hair lasts in a short time while the other typically lasts about several months with daily wear.

Remy hair gathered from many donors, but the Non-Remy is gathered from hair that is on the floor or hair salons. This means the Remy is useful in producing higher-quality systems.

When wearing a Non-Remy hair wig, you have to try to keep it away from wind, dust or sunlight, as these environmental elements can cause hair tangling.


What Is Virgin Hair?

By “human virgin hair”, it refers to the hair that is chemically unprocessed, 100% raw hair. The hair can meet all the high demands of customers. It is collected from only a donor, so no need to worry about the hair quality. The wearers can dye, bleach or perm the hair as you do with your existing hair.

If you have regular maintenance, the hair can last up to 1 year or more. Treat and love your human hair wig like your natural hair and you will have sleek, smooth, and natural-looking hair. With this hair, you can say no with the tangling problem, which is the dream of every hair extension wearers. Protect it, so you are also able to reuse the hair many times after. If you don’t trust our words 100%, you can order small virgin human hair bundles to verify for yourself.

virgin hair is collected from one donor only

Difference Between Remy Hair vs Human Hair

There is one thing to bear in mind: Remy hair is virgin hair but not all virgin hair is Remy hair. Remy hair is virgin hair if it is not be dyed, styled, bleached. It is chemically unprocessed, 100% pure hair. Virgin human hair is the highest quality of hair that is used to produce wigs and extensions.

Due to the advantages each type of hair brings, many wearers believe and use them. The price of virgin hair is higher than the Remy. Both of them are worth to invest.

What else? Virgin hair is collected from a single donor while Remy hair is gathered from donors or producers. However, all cuticles are properly kept aligned in one direction. They can minimize the tangling problem well.

Remy Human Hair Pieces Care & Tips

Remy human hair pieces require the same care that you would do with your natural hair. Here is some advice that will make certain that Remy tresses remain vibrant.

Clean and clean

There are some basics you should follow to keep the hair stay manageable and tangle-free. It is important that you clean the hair at least once a week to keep them free of odors, dirt, and makeup residue.

Try to wash the hair in a downward direction. Don’t scrub or rub when washing because this can damage the hair.

remy human hair needs cleaning like your real hair

Remember to brush the hair before shampooing. Don’t brush Remy wet and wavy human hair to avoid it from shedding. Allow the hair air dry to increase the lifespan of your natural Remy hair. Use gentle and natural shampoo.

Furthermore, use conditioners after cleaning. Apply coconut oil or serum while the hair is wet to keep it moisturized and shiny.

Style carefully

Remy human wigs or extensions are natural hair, so you can style them to get a new look. That means you can use a flat iron, curling iron or any heating tools on the hair. But don’t overdo it. Limit the use of heat in order to expand its lifespan. When you style the hair, set for the lowest heating level. And add heat protectant serum to make sure that your hair can’t be burned.

It is better if you visit a hair salon to ask for advice. The hairstylist will style and dye your hair to achieve the hairstyle that you want. They also help you avoid accidental damage or over-processing.

Swimming care

You should take extra care after going swimming because the water in the pool and beach can make the hair dry quickly. Don’t wear your Remy human hair when swimming. Keep in mind that the chlorine in the pool and the salt in the beach water will damage the hair.

avoid swimming with hair extensions

If you don’t want to remove the hair wigs, wear a silicone swim cap. Make sure that you tuck all your hair inside the cap. Then washing the unit with cold and freshwater as soon as you are finished swimming. Why do you wear it with cold water? Coldwater will prevent damaging the hair and cuticles, and use a mild shampoo to remove all salt and other chemicals that your hair was exposed to in the water.

Like you clean your natural locks, it is important to hydrate the Remy hair with natural and safe hair care products.

Store the hair

The hair should be stored and wrapped carefully if you want to ensure that you can wear them many times. Once you have removed the unit, use your fingers to gently comb it to get rid of any knots. You should place it in a cool dry area that has no direct sunlight. Wash your hair before storing it. If it is still wet after cleaning, allow it to dry before you place it in storage.

Put the item on the mannequin head or a plastic container or bag. Place your wig in a hairnet so that it stays in place. As there are many types of hairnets, make sure that you pick a suitable size for your hairpiece.

store the hairpiece carefully

How to store long Remy hair wigs? Remember not to pack it into a small hairnet. Continue put the wig in a cheap plastic container that you can buy in a shop near you. This way is very useful when you travel with a lot of wigs.

Or you can put your wigs in clean plastic bags for storage. Doing like that can keep the wig stay healthy and save storage space effectively.

And don’t sleep with the hair. Or wrap your hair in a silk scarf to prevent overnight tangles when sleeping.

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Remy Human Hair At Hairsystem

Hairsystem is a renowned human hair system supplier, striving for the cause of helping people overcome their hair problems. We work enthusiastically to help people who are facing thinning hair or hair loss feel like themselves again.

The main material we use to create a hairpiece is Remy hair human hair. The chemically unprocessed hair suits to create good human hair bundles, extensions or wigs. As I said, the hair is collected carefully and took good care. Both Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair are high-quality, smooth, and strong as women in these countries have a healthy diet and habits.

Hairsystem’ hairpieces are made from 100% remy human hair

Because of these features, they can last up to a year and blend very well with your bio hair. Moreover, after being collected, the cuticles of the hair intact and flow in the same direction as your natural hair.

Human hair is flexible. Feel free from washes, colors, perms, and even bleaches. You can enjoy the hairstyle you hope without affecting your natural locks. With Remy human hair from Hairsystem , you are always confident at any time.

Remy hair for sale

Now, you can see many Hollywood stars wear Remy human hair extensions clip in or weaves in front of cameras. Many celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Lady Gaga also have their own Remy hair wig collection.

hairpieces at Hairsystem

If you are searching for a hair vendor that supplies unprocessed or virgin Remy human hair, Hairsystem is where you should head to. Here we provide quintessential end-top hair products at very nice prices. Whether you are a wholesaler or just an individual buyer, you will only need to pay a factory-direct price only. In other words, you will no longer need to worry about how much does Remy 100 human hair cost. By using human Remy hair, we commit to bringing our dear customers the best experience of the hair system ever!

With all the above things, you can understand the reason why Remy human hair is so popular. Choose for yourself beautiful hair so it can enhance your appearance and beauty as well.

In conclusion

With the information we share above, Hairsystem hope that you can answer the question “What is Remy human hair?”. thus selecting the appropriate hairpieces to meet your needs.

Having been in the hair market for years, Hairsystem are confident that we could be a reliable vendor to lay your trust on. Let’s change your look with our real human hairpieces. Feel free to visit our website to get your own fantastic item in our collection.

For more information, contact us directly via hotline (+84) 979 160 986 (WhatsApp / Mobile). Or leave your comment below this post or send your question to email Our staff will support you in every step of shining your beauty.

Have a nice day!

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