How To Dye A Wig?

You are stressful because of your thinning hair and hair loss problem. You want to change hairstyle and appearance to refresh yourself. But you are afraid that style the hair can make your hair problem be more serious. Don’t worry! Let’s choose a good human hair wig and it will work better to bring you a new look.

You just only style your wig instead of styling your own hair. Have you ever dyed a wig? Is it difficult? Keep reading to know more about how to dye a wig.

How To Dye A Human Hair Wig?

Unlike synthetic fibers, human hair wigs can be styled and dyed without damages. You can use real hair dye or styling tools on human hair wigs like your own hair. Let’s learn carefully on how to color a human hair wig.

Kind remind: Shampoo the hair before coloring in order to keep it shiny and clean.

Choose a hair dye for your wig

First and foremost, you have to pick up hair dye. There are no typical products for human hair wig, so you can pick up a normal hair color which is available at the drug store and many other places in your area.

You can apply this method on how to dye a human hair wig lighter or how to dye a human hair wig darker. However, we don’t recommend lightening the hair as you have to bleach the hair before dying and this makes the wig weaken.

Pick up 20 volume hair developer

Pick up 20 volume hair developer

You know the hair developer is very important in the dying hair process. The hydrogen peroxide in this product helps open the hair cutie. No matter whether you are going to dye your human hair wig lighter or darker, a hair developer is considered as a catalyst so that you can get the color you wish.

You should use a 20 volume developer. If you use a product that is lower than 20 volume, you never get the color you want, and if you use the developer over 20 volume, the color of the hair wig is much darker.

Put on gloves and mix the dye

Wearing rubber gloves to protect your skin from irritating and keep your hands clean during the process. Mix the hair dye with the developer, and please follow the instruction on the hair dye holder. Use a plastic spoon instead of a metal spoon to mix the mixture.

Test to dye on a few hair strands before coloring all the wig

It is truly important on “how to dye a wig”. Apply the mixture on a small section of hair and wait for 30-40 minutes. If the color is perfect, you can apply all to the human hair wig. If not, try the other shade of hair color.

soak the wig in the dye

Soak the human hair wig in the dye mixture

Immerse the hair in the bowl of hair dye. Use your hand to apply the dye gently on the wig. Spread the mixture through the layers of the full lace wig.

Place the wig on a mannequin head

A mannequin head can keep the hair wig in good shape after coloring it. Continue brushing your hair with a comb or hairbrush to help the dye go out of the hair. Wait for 30-40 minutes to let the color set.

Wash the wig

It’s not only about how to dye a wig but the after-dyeing process is important, also. Remember to use a color-treated hair or a special human hair wig shampoo to make sure that the hair wig is as great as possible. Wet the item with cold or lukewarm water to remove the remaining dye on the hair.

use color-treated shampoo to wash the wig

Use shampoos for color-treated hair or a special human hair topper shampoo. Wet the human hair topper with lukewarm water to get rid of any excess dye. After shampooing, apply the conditioner to the wig to help it to be shiner.

Don’t apply the conditioner near the roots of the wigs because it will make the hair easily fall out.

Dry the hair

Gently rub your item with a dry towel to get rid of excess water. Put it back on the mannequin head to dry and keep it in shape.

So you can let it air-dry or use a hairdryer on the cool setting. Run the machine up and down through the wig. Don’t let the hair overheat because it will affect the human hair wig negatively.

How To Dye A Synthetic Wig With Hair Dye

Hair experts advise that you should not dye your synthetic hair with real hair dye because it does not really work and can damage your hair. However, there are different ways to change the color of light-colored synthetic wigs.

How to dye a synthetic wig?

No matter what method you use, the first thing you need is a light-colored synthetic wig. To add color to any hair, real or fake, it has to be light enough for the colors to show up. Because you can’t bleach the synthetic hair, you should choose a wig that has a lighter color than the color you want to dye it. This means your wig you use should be in white, blonde, silver… so it will work the best. Synthetic hair is usually dyed by using a combination of ink and alcohol.

synthetic hair is hard to re-color

Step 1: Making the dye

To get started, you are doing to mix up your synthetic hair dye. You can buy ink from your local store in your city. The color of ink you choose is the color you want to dye your wig.

Pour the ink into the spray bottle then mix in some rubbing alcohol. The amount of alcohol depends on how the light of the wig you want. The more alcohol, the lighter color of your wig you get. And on the contrary, less alcohol for a deeper color. You can go for a ratio of 1 part ink to 1 part alcohol.

Step 2: Applying the dye on the wig

– Pick a location outside where you will color the synthetic wig and place the hair on a wig stand. Put on old clothes or gloves to keep your hands clean all the process. Then take your spray bottle and apply the dye to the wig.

– Spray it on in a hair section and run your fingers through it to make sure that the wig gets completely coated. Don’t only apply the dye on the top, but on the underside too. Continue to run your hands through the hair 2-3 times. Repeat the process for the rest of the hair sections.

spray the hair dye onto the wig

– Once you have finished spraying hair sections, comb through the hair with a wide-tooth comb. Brush the synthetic wig in one direction, from the root to the tip around the head.

Step 3: Rinsing and styling the wig

– Leave the wig outside and let it dry. Place it somewhere under the sun and let it dry completely. It can take an hour to dry, but sometimes you can leave it longer depending on how thick and long your wig is. When the hair is dry, you can run through it to check.

– Take the wig under the tab and rinse it until the water in the sink is completely clear. Once you have done, lay the wig out on a dry towel. You should not use a hairdryer in a heating level to blow-dry your hair as it is made with synthetic hair. If you do, it can damage your hair and shorten its lifespan.

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Step 4: Detangle the hair knots

Use a wide-tooth comb to brush the wig, detangle knots in the tips first then move to the roots. Continue the step until your wig is smooth and no tangle. Finish.

How To Dye A Synthetic Wig Black?

The process is the same as how to dye a wig, but you should use a protector or conditioner on the synthetic wig before dying.

– Use an applicator brush and apply a smooth layer of the protector to the lace. You don’t need to over saturate it but make sure that there is enough protection.

black wig

– Section your hair. Now add the hair dye to a brush, and apply it to the hair. You are just going to take your time to dye thin hair sections and apply the dye from roots to tips. You have to repeat the same thing on the rest of the hair sections. Make sure that all the hairs are coated,  apply the hair dye on 2 sides and back of the wig.

– Let the hair product sit for a minute then take it to rinse with cold water. When rinsing, put it in the bathtub and hold it upside down. Finally, leave it dry completely.

All In All

Overall, when you want to change your hair color to dress up yourself, coloring a wig is the best option. Hopefully, after scanning through this post, you can know how to dye a wig in the right way. By doing so, you can keep your wig stay longer and you also reuse it many times.

Furthermore, coloring your wig at home can save money and time. Remember to follow our guidelines carefully to get the best results.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about wigs or other kinds of hairpieces, let Hairsystem know. Keep following our website and blog to get more useful information. Or feel free to contact us at any time. We are always willing to support.

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