How To Make A Wig Yourself?

Human hair wigs are becoming one of the must-have items for women around the world. People fall in love with wigs, not only cover their thinning hair areas but offer the most beautiful hair. You know the hair wig can change your hair and your look without waiting for a long time in a hair salon.

You are not a professional, making a wig can be a difficult and time-consuming task. How to make your own wig? It requires many tools and many steps to do. However, if you are really interested in trying to make a hair system yourself, you can do as long as you follow the right process. Here are some ways about how to make a wig at home.

Preparation Before Making A Human Hair Wig

Measure your head

Instead of using a straight ruler, use a cloth tape measure to measure the wearer’s head. Measure around the head at the hairline, the center top of the head and measure from your ear to the opposite side. Once you finish, write down the results. Furthermore, remember that do not pull the tape measure tightly, only put it lie flat on your scalp.

measure your head

Prepare the hair

How to make a wig look natural? It depends largely on the quality of hair.

You can choose a human hair bundle or synthetic hair, basing on your needs and budget. However, it is always better to choose the best quality human hair to make your full lace or lace front wig.

Human hair: We highly recommend using this hair to create your own wig as it is versatile and durable. If you want to wear a wig daily, it is the best option. In addition, the hair looks like your natural locks, it offers a realistic look. On the other hand, virgin human hair wigs might be cleaned, colored, bleached and restyled easily after washing.

Synthetic hair: Wigs made with synthetic hair also look natural but tend to be lighter and can be damaged by heat. You must not style or color your synthetic hair.

choose a suitable hair ventilating needle

Some tools you will need:

– A dome cap

– A ventilating needle

– Sharp scissors

– A mannequin head or a block

– Headed pins

How To Make A Human Hair Wig With Lace?

To understand more about how to make a full lace wig, you should follow step-by-step our guidelines.

Step 1: First, you should know how to make a lace wig cap. Place the dome cap over the block. You could find a cotton lace cap or another fine net cap in the market. Choose an item that fits the head, then covers the block like a glove of the head. Make sure that the items lands on your hair seamlessly like it is growing directly from your real scalp. The cap fits perfectly so there are no lumps or loosens in the back.

Step 2: Run your hands through a hair to detangle any knots and straighten. Before you start this process, you can cut your hair bundle to have a perfect wig.

ventilate hair onto the lace

Step 3: Opt the right ventilating needle. Start to sew the hair in the back, from the bottom of the neckline first. When you start sewing the first bundle, make sure that you do over it for a couple of times. Ensure that the hair is tight and secure.

Step 4: Then you can sew along the wealth once you get to the end of the cap. Just flip the hair and start sewing again. Continue the same steps until you run out of the bundle. Just sew the new bundle where the old one ends. Once you finish, adjust the cap so that it fits your head. Remember to reach the back and sides, then work your way over the top of the head. You can tie your hair in different directions in order to make your wig to be more natural.

Step 5: Part and trim the full lace wigs as you want. With all the hair is sewn in place, you can part the wig just like your existing hair. If you can’t, visit a hair salon and ask a hairstylist for help. He/she will give you a piece of advice and cut the unit for you.

trim the hair if necessary

Note: If you are a big fan of colored hair, it is better to dye your human hair before carrying out the process of how to make a wig.

Make A Wig With Lace Closure

How to make a wig with lace closure is the same as how to make a normal full lace wig. But you have to start out by taking the lace closure, secure it with pins to keep it in place. Just use 3 or 4 pins and it’s all up to you. Make sure that the closure is laying completely flat on the dome cap. Then just to get the hair out of the way by using a little elastic band.

Now put the closure in the crown of the head. Use a ventilating needle to sew the hair unit to the cap. Ensure that it is tight and secure in place. After sewing in the lace closure, you move to the hair bundle. Start with the longest bundle at the bottom, then move up. Continue doing to finish how to make a lace closure wig.

how to make a wig with lace closure

How To Make A Wig With Glue

Instead of ventilating hair to make a human hair wig, many people choose to make a wig with hair glue. How to do so?

To create the wig, put the cap on the mannequin head. Secure it with pins, then cut a piece of hair bundle and glue it. Blow-dry the glue and apply the hair in the back of the wig first. You should start off with small pieces. Repeat the process until attaching full hair whole the cap.

Using the glue method is very easy if you are not professional. Just measuring the pieces on the wig cap to make sure it fits in the exact spot. Only apply glue, blow-dry it and just apply the hair on the wig cap until you have all hairs on the head.

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How To Make A Lace Front Wig

Many feel the full lace wigs take too much time and money to create, thus they opt for frontal lace ones. A lace front wig would consist of a lace material where the hair is ventilated by hand at front and hair weaves for the rest area.

The hair is attached to the lace by using a ventilating needle. The process of ventilation is quite complex. Therefore, to be smart on how to make a frontal wig to make it look real, you should be patient.

You will need a piece of lace to make the hair wig. Opt the lace or dye it to get the color that blends your skin tone. Now you can start off to make a front wig.

Step 1: Secure the lace

Cover the lace over the mannequin head, and secure it by using headed pins. Keep the lace tight and smooth when you secure it to the block. You can pin the lace in the front hairline first, then smooth it down to the back.

Step 2: Ventilating the lace front

You need a ventilating needle to sew the hair into the lace.

– Use a tiny needle to hook the hair into the lace.  You should remember not to overload the needle with hair. A large size needle can hold more strands than the smaller one. Refer to the product description before buying a needle.

– Pull the hair through the lace cap and hook the hair ventilation around the hair to make a loop.

– Continue to thread the hair through the loop and make a knot. Repeat the process until you have full hair in the lace front piece.

a lace front wig

Step 3: Check the hairline.

Once you have a full lace front, check the hairline of the wig. Adjust the hair to have the best look. Get the lace in the place where you want. You can remove the wig from the mannequin head and do a test fitting.

Step 4: Cut the excess lace

Once you have finished, trim away any excess lace. Now you have a front lace hairpiece with a natural hairline.

However, the above process is for the lace in front only. How to finish a lace front wig? It is time to combine the hair weave, or wefted hair, to the base construction. You can sew it in or use glue instead. Be sure to attach the weave carefully to make it look neat and natural on the lace front wig.

To Sum Up

After reading all of the above information about how to make a wig, Hairsystem believes that you can make your own wig by yourself if you do it smart. So, why don’t you try to create a wig?

In case you want to have a perfect human hair wig without doing it yourself, shop at Hairsystem . We have a wide range of human hair wigs, from the full lace, lace frontal, to lace closure and lace 360 available to choose from.

Do not hesitate to raise your voice if you have any questions or requests. We are accessible via this website or our hotline.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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