Why Do Jewish Women Wear Wigs?

Wigs (Sheitel) are an indispensable item to Jewish women and wearing it is like a tradition. Covering women’s hair is seen as serving the purpose of modesty. Keep the hair covered while outside the house is a way to avoid attracting other men who are not the wearer’s husband.

Keep reading to know more about the reason why do Jewish women wear wigs, especially married women.

Why do Orthodox Jewish women wear wigs?

According to Jewish tradition, women must cover their hair at all. Why do devout Jewish women wear wigs? The reason for this action is modesty. They wear scarves, veils, hats or wigs (Sheitel) to hide their hair. Especially, a woman has to cover her hair in public when she gets married. Her hair must be completely hidden so that no one can see her hair. Some women take this step further, they keep their hair covered at all times, in their home and maybe even within their bedroom.

Jewish women with wigs

Dr. Menachem M. Brayer once quoted some famous rabbis words: “Israel women go out without scarves is not right”, “Cursing a man to let others see his wife’s hair” or “Women who expose their hair will live in poverty.” It can be seen that the old Jewish conception of women was very strict.

The Orthodox Jewish take gender matter seriously. Genders are separated clearly at schools, synagogues, in the street or even on public transports.

As I said, old Jewish women wear wigs is a symbol of married women. The sole purpose of wearing scarves is protecting women, all women. Not only hair, but women also hide their whole bodies at all times. The purpose of these traditions is so that other men will not be attracted by the sight of a woman’s body.

However, in the 19th century, the external change of life forced many women to go out without covering their hair. And some Jewish women find it more convenient to replace their traditional veil with a wig. It’s a reason why Jewish women wear wigs instead of scarves? Today, most Jewish women only cover their hair when they are in a synagogue. Wearing wigs also means they don’t expose their hair. And it’s difficult to aware someone is wearing a wig.

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Many people wonder that “Are women able to go wigless and show their own hair in their home?” There are many different opinions. The most lenient says that because the home represents a woman being married, she can even uncover her hair in front of men while in her home. While the most stringent opinion is that the hair is basically always covered.

Orthodox Jewish women have to shave their heads and wear wigs

Jewish people have pretty strict dress codes. As I said, the Jewish value women’s modesty. But not only cover hair, but some Jewish women also take this step further. They shave their heads and wear wigs.

In the Hasidic tradition, a bare head without a wig or hat is similar to nudity, and a good way to ensure modesty for women is to shave their hair. Some women say that they are cool with it, and it’s easy to wear a wig without worrying the hair system can damage their own hair. While others report they feel violated by the custom. Bear in mind that the women in Jewish tradition wear wigs but not all of them shave their hair heads.

Jewish women wear wigs after marriage

Like normal wigs, there are 2 main materials to make Sheitel of Jewish women wig: real human hair and synthetic fibers. But their wigs are quite expensive, the price can range from $500 to as much as $5000. Often, Hassidic Jewish women wear wigs daily, so they will have at least 2 wigs. They can own more wigs for everyday wear and for holidays or special occasions.

More about Jewish women

Gender roles are kept traditional for thousands of years, men are the breadwinners and they have to go out to work. While women are the homemakers, they cook, clean and care for their children… In other words, for a man, the highest calling is a life of scholarly study of religious text; for a woman, it is devotion to the faith, the family and the home.

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